How to Defrost Food Safely

Watch more Food Safety & Freshness videos: Thawing frozen food on the countertop or in warm water may put your family at risk…
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  1. amira ahmed says:
  2. Tea Berries says:

    meh… I defrost a chicken in warm water in like 2 hours and there’s no
    weird “cooked” or “microwave-burn” parts like I get in the microwave. I
    cook it directly after, and it’s totally fine. 

  3. seygra20 . says:

    40-140 degrees Fahrenheit =5 -60 degrees Celsius

  4. YesYesYoureRight says:

    1:11 That sink could do with a clean. SHAME ! . Use some AJAX with bleach
    then get some metal polish to make it shine to the standard that is the
    minimum expected for videos on healthy lifestyle. . o0o

  5. WestCoastChiica says:

    i <3 the USA[:

  6. xxgiovannix says:


  7. gongzee says:

    I refreeze things all the time. I’ve never gotten sick from it though?

  8. Christian Llivicura says:


  9. ProChoiceJesus says:

    Can someone please share with me why should we not re-freeze meat (ground
    beef specifically) after it has been thawed? What exactly is the danger?

  10. MrRedPajamas says:

    I’ve always defrosted food by sitting on it for a week.

  11. AndNoted says:

    microwave FTW!

  12. diabloreventonf22 says:

    couldn’t be any truer! LONG LIVE “U-ASS-A” self-centered bitch…choke on

  13. Xzation says:

    I want to know the “Why?”

  14. WIllyGilly321 says:

    To thaw meat FAST use a cast iron pan. The thick heavey iron acts as a
    reverse heat sink on a computers CPU (SERIOUSLY!) Put the frozen meat in
    the pan with a few OZ of water, (Water acts like thermal grease). To speed
    this up even more, stack 2 pans, 1 upsude down, 1 rightside up touching
    eachother on their bottoms. This expands your surface area of iron
    dramatically. You can also turn a burner on momentaryly, just a few
    seconds. This works increadbly well, only about 60 min for a big steak.

  15. iRPG621 says:

    If i make my food colder, how the heck would i defrost it?!

  16. Shagabec says:

    Durr hurr. NO ONE CARES! 315th! TEEHEE.

  17. Arnold Rothstein says:

    Very informative video!

  18. snoopyloopy says:

    just for you, 276.

  19. snoopyloopy says:

    because they’re using fahrenheit as the temperature scale.

  20. paradox2358 says:

    thankyou .first clip i found that explains the proper way to defrost foods
    including in the microwave,cheers

  21. abitesizedcow says:

    im not gonna say it….

  22. iRateAt308 says:

    next howcast video how to wipe your ass

  23. Yngwie811 says:


  24. chinedu ekeh says:


  25. michaelwindsurfer54 . says:

    0:48 smile!

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