How to decorate a Flower Vase

How to decorate a Flower Vase

This video describes on how to decorate a flower vase using clay or any molding material. Tags: How to paint with thread, colors, colours, paint with different materials, thread, yarn, yarn…

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25 Responses

  1. Grisel Martinez says:

    Lower the music in order to follow yours instruction PLEASE!!!!

  2. Dj Gueko says:
  3. Salim Shaikh says:

    R u in America or India

  4. Jaagruthi N says:

    very nice. i like it very much.

  5. Seema Damani says:

    Nice one and easy also

  6. suresh seervi says:


  7. Sogo TEllit says:

    Awesome just what I was trying to do. Can you use something else besides
    hot melt, I think you mentioned but I could not hear you clearly. It looks

  8. singshuchi says:

    ur videos are unfocussed. i cannot see the image of the leaf as u have
    made it

  9. pink rose says:

    its a great idea. you are very talented. the music is little over powering
    and cant hear what you are saying but apart from that the idea is brilliant

  10. Passion Craft (Pooja) says:

    You could do better!

  11. LilGirlWithABigdream says:

    It looks more like grapes but this isn at good idea

  12. Shaun Girty says:

    Anyone know what is Flowerolign Training about? I hear most people learn
    flower design with this popular online program.

  13. micro joy says:

    Hi guys just check out the link below…. It’s mind blowing….

  14. Shriya Mhatre says:

    wooowwww even we can deocrate a pot with clay ammmmmmmmaazing

  15. siriarts1 says:

    Will try being loud… 🙂

  16. DVC050311 says:

    Very nice. Creative. 🙂

  17. megha agarwal says:


  18. umer afzaal says:


  19. Olympia Karagiannis says:

    I camt hear her very well

  20. siriarts1 says:

    Thanks.. Noshi

  21. Noshi Shukla says:

    i like it

  22. Ashley Leal says:

    Wow beautiful

  23. siriarts1 says:

    Halle Gavel: Nice to know abt it 🙂

  24. halle gavel says:

    thanks this helped so much!:D

  25. siriarts1 says:

    Thanks DVC050311

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