How to deal with difficult people How to deal with difficult people Difficult people can be bad for your health if you let them stress you out. Mary Bolster, editor of Natural…
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  1. TFC Grow beyond your expectations says:

    Take a moment to watch this video:

  2. kaneki yow says:

    A bit fuzzy but great talk anyway

  3. acajudi100 says:

    Best toavoid or just ignore them. live and let live.

  4. theideagirlsays says:

    i really like the way you make it so simple and those keywords, calm
    meditation, stress and high blood pressure along with changing what’s
    inside and not reacting to them, that will stick like glue ;)

  5. haleycatlett says:


  6. Nemi 8448 says:

    OMG Victoria Ellizabeth Nemethvargo is so

  7. Bluebottlebiz says:

    How to deal with difficult people
    How to deal with difficult people

  8. Howdini says:

    This is so very frustrating…you are in a pickle. Are you able to switch
    leagues? If not, have you tried to start a “drama-free” one of your own?

  9. Cleon Joseph says:

    I know this is off subject but your skin is flawless. That co co skin and
    beauty along with intelligence is off the map!!!!

  10. BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    Best to walk away…Why deal with someone that you hate or find annoying,
    breathing down your neck every chance they get? Best to walk away from a

  11. Universal035 says:

    This is a hard topic to deal with that I need help with

  12. ZedAytch says:

    Nice one 🙂

  13. Howdini says:

    Thanks for watching. Glad it helped out. 🙂

  14. Lauren Sugano says:

    I love this comment because it has lots of typos. It shows that you can get
    your message across to people without having to be perfect.

  15. annehill310 says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  16. Ralph Jones says:

    With difficult people I just yawn a lot. The key is helping people to
    realize just how insignificant their lives really are. Many people need to
    be dehumanized to varying degrees so they can realize that they aren’t as
    wonderful and important as they think.

  17. Howdini says:

    Yes, it usually is.

  18. Howdini says:

    so sorry that you got hurt. But I am glad that you were able to take some
    valuable info from this video to apply to your situation. Good Luck! 🙂

  19. HeartPiece4u says:

    @harsh4uall do you mind saying what the job is? what are you doing? there
    are a thousand variables. are you taller than him? are you both in good
    shape.. it could be anything other than work, where you his boss be for you
    got the job? was there another guy he liked better? was he the boss be for
    you? your comment isnt to old to reply to, 3y/ago maybe, so wats happening

  20. davetileguy says:

    Probably because your a moron !!!!

  21. CrimsonGameroom says:

    360 = hd

  22. Universal035 says:

    @Christopher Hope That is real tough situation

  23. Nicoto Reviglio says:

    I wish i could keep calm when my cooworker is bullying me all the time…
    all the time i want to punch his face but am afraid to lose my job.

  24. Alex Logic says:

    ya thanks for the advice i tried doing what u said to stay calm when some
    person starts acting difficult and he punched me and gave me 2 black eyes
    thanks alot

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