How to Cook Lechon Kawali by Chef Sandy Daza

Nothing sounds better than biting into the crispiest Lechon Kawali. It’s a Pinoy dish that both kids and adults will enjoy! http://www.nestle…
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25 Responses

  1. muek yag says:

    everything in this video is all so wrong! I can’t let you call that dish
    LECHON KAWALI! it’s just fried pork slices with stupid seasonings! PRITONG
    BABOY!!!! that’s what it is!

  2. Jin Mizushima says:

    Mukang masarap, pero ayoko ng maggic sarap. 

  3. Zoelyn Bihag says:

    Ay naku! tayo talaga, mag luto din kayo tapus i upload sa You tube, kung
    gusto niyo, critics ng critics kayo, hindi naman retarded kaming nanood
    eh.. e pag hindi nyo nagustohan then zip it. dont watch it and dont follow
    the recipe ok ??????

  4. Tera Elite says:

    mas masarap pa lechon kawali ko dito putang ina!
    tumanndang bobo tong chef, sayang ka, palagi ko pa naman pinapanuod cooking
    show mo dati sa channel 5 every weekend nung bata pa ako. una sa lahat, ang
    lechon kawali ay malalaking tipak ng liempo or just a regular slice PERO
    hindi ganyang kaliit at kanipis, tanga! putang ina chef ka tapos hahayaan
    mong i-alter ung alam mong tama para lang sa pera. tangina ka.

  5. james .dominic says:

    may magic sarap pa pauso naman to

  6. Erik Stansel says:

    Okay, what is the point on seasoning the pork liempo on the boiling water
    kung lalagyan lang naman nya ng savor? sabi nya kanina “the oyster sauce,
    onions and magic sarap will flavor the pork”. 

  7. jose faunillian says:

    He sure is using a lot of magic sarap haha msg=cheating 

  8. Corona Extra says:

    taste will be bland if not dipped in maggi savor? wow. too much
    advertisement. we cook lechon kawali by using only salt and garlic and it’s
    awesome. and by the way, this is just fried liempo. lechon kawali needs to
    be cooked in slabs then chopped after cooking. alam ni mr. daza yan may
    script lang ni nestle lol

  9. ayong pinoyblack says:

    ttry q 2 mmmya pag lluto q ang gf q nito at ssamahan q ng gabi

  10. Ishmael Narag says:

    Well he is called by Nestle Philippines as a chef, so I guess he has enough
    credentials to be called one. If you don’t think Magic Sarap/Maggi should
    be part of the repertoire of a chef, then just avoid where he
    studied/apprenticed to become a chef. No problem.

  11. Speechless927 says:

    “Labas mo ung shield mo kasi tatalsik ito”
    Lol, chef Sandy. Nice :))

  12. GianniAzul3609 says:

    Why do Filipino people stat a sentence in English and end it in Tagalog. . 

  13. Randyl Manglicmot says:

    it is not popper to put any hot items on chiller or freezer, fail!!!

  14. Leonard Reyes says:

    vechin pa!

  15. Raymund Zurbito says:

    all msg ads..tsk..tsk

  16. Eugene Dellosa says:

    How to Cook Lechon Kawali by Chef Sandy Daza

  17. virginia devera says:


  18. Randolf Velasco says:

    Sandy walang kawala sa sarap! Cheers!

  19. florence roy salvaña says:


  20. blehrable says:
  21. kj tionko says:

    VERY WRONG talaga ang MAGIC SARAP =( plus your nonstick pan and deep
    frying, that is double kill ;(

  22. NoFleepash says:

    Daming nag cocomplain about Maggi. Maggi sponsor neto wag na kayo mag taka

  23. tiujay says:

    He is just promoting and endorsing maggi products. That’s simple it is to
    understand. That’s his technique of cooking lechon kawali in a safer way
    instead frying a whole slab and sprinkle some water to make it more crispy.
    It’s an option. If you guys don’t like maggi products then substitute them
    with your preferred ingredients. It’s just a show to share some tips for
    beginners. Not necessarily we have to follow. What the heck is the harsh
    all about, anyways???

  24. Daniel Astillero says:

    Bwisit. Nagutom ako

  25. Nin NNCast says:

    Oh, God.

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