How To Cook Bibimbap-Rice Vegetables-Korean Food Recipes

Bibimbap Recipe @ Cooking Korean Bbq Bulgogi-Dumplings Mandu-Japchae.

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24 Responses

  1. Nicole Love says:

    Just ate some ha

  2. Jhe Gasgonia says:

    Soy sauce, soy sauce……

  3. Metal claw says:

    healthy and delicious food, you are a great cook

  4. Jenny Nguyen says:

    The music sounds vietnamese . Ahaha (:

  5. jornalyn amanonce says:

    Wow …
    I wish I was Korean so I can eat this everyday and eat Korean foods …I
    really love Korean foods 

  6. rizalina bueno says:

    thank you for sharing. it surely is delicious and healthy

  7. Emily Salinas says:

    If I may add,
    You eat it buy breaking the egg and mixing everything together then the
    yolk and sauce mix combine everything and it is quite tasty 

  8. oybek jabborovOff says:

    thank you ))) i love it )))

  9. Kimberly Nguyen says:

    wow look good i loves thank

  10. Me Len says:

    I love bibimbap and I am not Korean. I am glad I saw this video. Thank you
    so much for sharing this. I will make this after christmas

  11. David Yoder says:

    yummy thank you

  12. Jennifer Acedera says:

    Food porn..tulo laway..nom nom nom

  13. Titus Yun says:

    wow.. though I’m a Korean, I didn’t know that that much soy sauce is used
    to make a bowl of bibimbap !
    That looks so yummy ! I also like a kinda bibimbap made with some raw
    vegetables like sprouts.

  14. Juan Montanez says:

    Looks so yummy!!!!love the vegetables!!

  15. Nga Vuong says:

    nhin chi bay nhon qua.Cam on chi nhieu

  16. Jean-Paul Ly says:

    thank you very much ! 

  17. HOW TO BEST says:

    Another great video!

  18. 周婷婷 says:

    the background music is chinese i guess

  19. sonicblast504 says:

    Damn too much oil. Greasy

  20. bofahad403 says:

    Hi my you good cookin i waleed laek to com to yor cantre ro see yor cashein

  21. Ron Nal says:

    i love it

  22. Vegie Lovely says:


  23. Hannah Sophia Wong says:

    I love korean foods….and Kpop. Hahahaha

  24. 막내요정 says:

    비빔밥 정말 맛있어요!! 한국 많이 사랑해주세요♡
    I love korea!

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