How To Convince Your Parents To Get You Any Pet *Guarenteed To Work*

How To Convince Your Parents To Get You Any Pet *Guarenteed To Work*

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24 Responses

  1. Catsandkits says:

    I want a pet mouse. I got all the details, good and bad. All the money, and
    found everything I need. But, when I asked my parents, they just said no.
    They said they aren’t going to have mice in their house because they are
    disgusting rodents. I told them they are very clean and all, but they still
    are saying no. Is there anything I can do about this?

  2. Adri Llebot says:

    you said WALLA. i think you meant voila…

  3. Jasmine R says:

    So the 6th one. What if your parents are known for just saying no and not
    giving any specific answer?

  4. Natalia Carrasquillo says:

    I’ll try it 

  5. Banana Cream Toast says:

    Tip for those wanting things like dogs or cats:

    Try something small, that can be kept in a small cage. Ask for something
    like a Venus flytrap or a guinea pig. Most likely they will get you the
    thing that seems like the least work.

  6. lexy Talley says:

    I really want a dog but my mom hates them but she likes the neighbors dog
    so my cousins dog came to sleep over for like a week and so she liked them
    so I’m trying to convince her but still she says no dogs and she’s allergic
    but she’s not allergic to all dogs I’m trying to convince her
    Tips please

  7. Raja44 says:

    I’m disappointed, i want a pet turtle/tortoise but my cruel parents still
    won’t let me ); ;-;

  8. SnIp Gerbil says:

    Thanks! I’ve wanted a snake, and I will get one! There is a problem though,
    my dad says, “It seems like a great pet other than the life span!” In fact,
    my whole family wants one (Including my dad), but the life span is 15-20
    years. Any tips?

  9. Kendall Jones says:

    i want a pig or yorkie

  10. Jack Flynn says:

    I wanna parrot, although my mom won’t let me

  11. Rufus Masters says:

    Did number 2,and I’m getting a Hamster for Xmas

  12. The nature house says:

    My family are way to tough to convince they say no for everything 

  13. Bikyu t says:

    My mother said that in the future when I have my own house I can have a
    kitten!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. LegendPachirisu says:

    step 12: it’s funny how that really works XD

  15. Ana Solis says:


  16. Wolfgirl0304 says:

    thx ill give it a go but my dads tough to comvince

  17. Rachel Kim says:

    I now keep a bunny rabbit! :D

  18. Bikyu t says:

    I know what i want a kitten I want to because it is so soft and cuddly

  19. DJ Jazzy Jeff says:

    I just tried this stuff and got grounded :(

  20. Ange_1312 says:

    Lucky me Christmas is coming up soon and my parents will ask me what I want
    to have for Christmas. and I’ll answer: a kitten! But if my parents say NO
    … I will get sad and say: well then I don’t want anything for Christmas.
    And hopefully they’ll buy me a kitten <3 I REALLY WANT A KITTEN! THATS ALL
    I WANT! :'( ;'( <3 

  21. 1dfangab says:

    Hi, I have a pet tortoise and trying to get a dog and none of these worked
    is there any others?

  22. VisualWolf says:

    i keep asking my parents but they always say no right when i ask them why
    they say coz they scratch everything and then when i continue i get no
    answer back help me pls :c

  23. Lps Jennaz says:

    Ok so I want a kitten and my mom and sister do too. My dad doesn’t really
    care what happens though. The kitten is free the only bad thing is we are
    going on vacation in a week and my mom and dad don’t want to get it and
    have to leave it right away help :c

  24. people love me says:

    i really want a mouse my mom isnt to crazy about the idea i need to
    convince her somehow…..

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