How To Clean Your Fiberglass Boat Hull and Remove Water Stains

This HowToInAFew video shows you how to clean yellow and brown water stains from the hull of your boat to brighten the fiberglass. Presented is a cheap way to mixed up an acid solution to remove…
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  1. Jason Johnson says:

    Thanks for the video, I have a ’96 SeaRay and intend to take the water
    stains off the hull this spring. One question though, is there risk of the
    solution you used doing harm to the gel coat over time?

  2. John Ostrovsky says:

    do you wax the hull before launching the boat? will wax slow the buildup of
    the scuzzy slimy dirt?

  3. John Smith says:

    Iv cleaned my boat before with acid, its makes the boat look like it just
    got a fresh paint job. Just be very careful with the fumes, id wear a mask
    and protective gear including gloves and eye safety, yes its that dangerous
    . But does a GREAT job

  4. Gavino Torralba says:

    Well this also remove the yellow stains from when you remove stickers? 

  5. Jennings All Spruced Up says:

    Great idea for a useful (last resort)cleaning product! I now use it as a
    spotter when doing marine cleaning, sparingly and only on really tough
    stains. Remember when diluting any chemical or cleaner add the water first,
    it is much safer with harsh chemicals as it reduces splashing. Adding the
    water first also greatly reduces foaming, when applied to cleaning
    solutions that produce foam. When using heavy duty cleaners it is
    especially important to read labels and always take personal safety
    precautions, safety goggles and gloves. Having proper ventilation is also
    extremely important when taking on a project like this. Check the label to
    see if a respirator is recommended and always contain and dispose

  6. Scott Jess says:

    how could you ever let your boat get that bad to began with

  7. Jose Nieto says:

    Just one safety comment, you should add acid to water and not water to

  8. Scott Jess says:

    white ox works the best and its not super toxic and it works like a wet
    dream for cleaning your boat hull makes it super white again and it dont
    fuck with the metal parts on your boat.

  9. sincerly dayandayan says:
  10. angela ford says:

    Very happy to see this video! Just bought my first boat last year & elbow
    grease just wasn’t doing the trick!! Thanks!!

  11. Atar Axia says:

    Muriatic acid is highly corrosive to most metals. Be sure to:
    1. Buy a sprayer that has no metal parts.
    2. Rinse your trailer off with lots of water. Do it often while applying
    the acid.
    3. Rinse YOU off quickly if you get any on you. (It is highly soluble in

    Muriatic acid produces chlorine gas. (Nasty stuff!)

    You may want to set up a couple of fans in your work area to disperse the
    gas. Always stand upwind of where you on applying the acid. For example, if
    you place your fans near the stern, start applying the acid at the bow and
    work toward the stern. The “trick” is to aim the fans so that most of the
    “wind” they produce is on YOU, but not so much on the boat hull so that it
    does not prematurely dry out the acid. The preferred method, of course, is
    to wear a gasmask specifically designed for chlorine gas but these can be
    expensive and hard to find. You should ABSOLUTELY wear good eye protection!

    Also be sure to wear old, disposable clothing as this stuff is like
    chlorine bleach on steroids. It will turn any colored fabric white in no

  12. kenworthNH says:

    That came out really good. I just picked up an old SeaRay. Trying to decide
    if I want to paint it, or scuff ‘n buff.

  13. mike mchugh says:

    So I guess cover bottom paint, masking tape and tarp do the trick?

  14. Steve L says:

    Water first THEN add acid

  15. steve williamson says:

    Should I rinse off after applying? It seemed to have discolored all the
    metal on my boat and streaked rust right where I recently took it off?
    Please help

  16. Daniel Scheer says:

    Yes it can. But eventually gelcoat chalks up, washes off and deteriorates

  17. Daniel Scheer says:

    Just until you get that fine looking manta back in the water!!! lol

  18. Daniel Scheer says:

    It will affect bottom paint if you have it.

  19. KFXtravis says:

    great video, does the chemicals have any effect on the black plastic
    pieces. i need to do my sea doo’s and they have plastic sponsons and a few
    other plastic parts i dont want to damage. let me know, thanks

  20. Steve L says:

    This video could have been about 3 minutes tops.

  21. Mark Lockwood says:


  22. steve williamson says:

    Ah, I see I got So for the streaks that are caused now would
    you recommend I treat them with acid again? FYI for anyone first doing this
    don’t forget to cover the bottom o fyour boat if you have bottom paint. I
    did and still had to touch upa few spots.

  23. Daniel Scheer says:

    It shouldn’t cause you any problems, but you might want to test it on a
    spot out of sight. Or use a more dilute mix. I always tend to go a little
    heavy. It’s nasty stuff, so take proper safety precautions.

  24. Daniel Scheer says:

    I would spot check it first and use a dilute mixture. I doesn’t affect my
    decals and paint on the motor. But make sure to rinse especially around
    they stainless steel, as leaving it on too long will cause stains around
    the metal.

  25. Daniel Scheer says:

    Place your comments or questions here!

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