How To Clean A Fish Tank or Aquarium, Remove Algae, Pet Care

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23 Responses

  1. Tareck Fahmi says:

    Freshwater fish dont NEED salt, theres a reason they’re freshwater fish
    lol. Also, its better to not go overkill on cleaning during water changes.
    Never over siphon the gravel thats your bed for beneficial bacteria. I mean
    sure it may have worked for you, but the whole point of denitrifying
    bacteria is to break down nitrites/nitrates, so if you keep them colonized
    and only focus on replacing the water column, you could get away with doing
    less water changes…… because you dont have the risk of starting “mini
    cycles” when adding new fish, overfeeding etc

  2. LCPD9111 says:

    so now i need to add salt to my water? i never did that before

  3. PJ Fuentes says:

    Its kind of difficult to concentrate on the steps when your sexy as
    hell…just a compliment maybe wear sweats next time lol…good vid though

  4. Victoria Secret's says:

    That water is still dirty and cloudy. I thought its suppose to be crystal

  5. Iris Ibarra says:

    Lol smart to use these girls to gain more views
    But in all seriousness, DONT change the filter. It contains all the good
    bacteria and you don’t have to add salt. That’s only an option, if your
    fish are fine without salt don’t add any you might stress them out.

  6. Bigboysindahood says:

    U should add some plants to UR tank

  7. Mannie Katsifarakis says:

    This is terrible. Salt is not required for tropical unless the fish have
    fin rot or some othet disease and the filter shouldnt be replaced more than
    once a year because of the beneficial bacteria that breaks down ammonia.
    You’re supposed to give it a rinse in the bucket of water removed from the
    tank. Also your aquarium looks disgusting lol

  8. Ian Ahern says:

    i wish she would suck on my hose,,,

  9. AlphaGravity005 says:

    I have a question, my tank has to filter thing, a white cloth Baggie thing
    with stuff inside and a black kinda rough sponge, the problem is witch one
    should I change, please help

  10. motley416 says:

    I’m so glad that there are so many knowledgeable people on YouTube that
    have spent a lot of time studying their own respective subjects that I can
    get help from. Some here were merely trying to offer a few facts about the
    nitrogen cycle, and beneficial bacteria ect, and you respond by dissing
    them. Yeah we all know that living things need salt. That’s not what he was
    saying and you know it. I know enough to see you have a couple things here
    that are bad advice, but you’ve shown your inability to listen anyway…
    why bother.

  11. Dino Orlando says:

    Also, Salt is not Needed. And cleaning your Filter is going to remove all
    the good bacteria that has grown. You just want to rinse your filter out
    with a bit of old water from the tank. Did you Cycle this Tank before you
    added fish? All in all, still a great video. Thanks.

  12. Jim Tee says:

    Besides watching the video cuss of the short shorts, thats some of the
    worst advice on how to maintain your aquarium. Maybe you can make a video
    in your bikini and tell us something we wont listen too lol.

  13. Andre Ditto says:

    Very informative video, thanks.

  14. Joe Scrivens says:

    Thanks for the video!

  15. furqan bhat says:

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  16. 2LIL SIDO3 says:

    Dam girl you fine 

  17. Tyler Hand says:

    Were they going to film a porn after making this? Does anyone feel like
    they were? lmao XD

  18. warren7127 says:

    O-M-G!!!!! I am a pretty simple guy who likes simple women, So on that
    note, this is the most sexiest way to clean a tank! 🙂 I’m feeling the urge
    to clean my tanks right now!!!! :)

  19. Dino Orlando says:

    I like the dragging about a 45 degree angle. Nice. Will try this next week.
    Btw, So you don’t have to suck the end of tube, here is a helpful video on
    creating suction without using your mouth. Look Below!

  20. dumpster baby says:

    “give it a suck”

  21. rpeagram says:

    You had me at “the first thing you want to do is remove………….” I
    paused the video right at that moment and allowed the suspense to build
    before continuing……

  22. Kristian G says:

    Poor fish.

  23. chrysabra says:

    oh baby you may come do my aquarium in those shorts any time you

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