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  1. Melva Vierra says:

    wow i ‘m gonna try that,but does it work on set in stains that keeps coming
    up after cleaning with a carpet cleaning?

  2. Kojii Naz says:

    If my carpet gets stained by something, I just buy a new house and move
    there. It’s extremely expensive – I’m looking for cheaper alternatives.

  3. Mushegh Tsarukyan says:

    Thank you for sharing. As a professional carpet cleaner i can tell you that
    this is not a good idea to use the baking soda and the detergent. Unless
    you have a way to rinse and neutralise your carpet. Leaving All that soap
    in the carper is going to: 1) turn into mold or mildew. 2) The surface
    becomes sticky and the dirt will stick to the fibers re soiling the carpet.
    You can use this cleaning method but you need to rinse the carpet. Or you
    can buy professional spotters (NOT FROM HOME DEPOT) that would cost you
    less than all those ingredients and they are soil resistant. 

  4. 86ashray says:

    +doublewide6 wow great tip. My carpet is gray and I clean some stains with
    awesome but I spray a little to much and now the spots are white, can I use
    one baking soda? Or any other tips please.

  5. _exoticxx_ _ says:

    it works!wow!

  6. Edward Skerritt says:

    Windex, worked well as a spot removal. Bit laborious for more than one
    room. Great tip tho guys!

  7. Eric Picardi says:

    “Looks good from a far, but far from good!”, Come on man… people windex
    will bleach out your carpet!!! Also all your doing is spreading the stain
    over a larger area. The piece of carpet your using is like using sandpaper
    on the wall. How does the area look after you sand a spot? That’s what you
    are doing to your carpet. You are missing some steps at the least. Like
    after windex, and carpet to carpet rub (lol!), vacuum, then clean area
    with mild soap and water mix with a towel, to dilute the windex, and to
    clean area better. Then vacuum again. That way you’d have a better chance
    of not having spots. Also based on the sound of the video you have a lot
    of activity in your house. Don’t be surprised if those areas don’t come
    back with a vengeance in the near future. I’d be willing to bet your
    windex, and piece of carpet idea wont help much. I’m not in the carpets
    business, but just because they may use this technique in the industry
    doesn’t make it right. Think about it! You a carpet cleaning. That’s what
    you do day in and day out. 8 plus hours a day. All that means is you knows
    tricks on how to short cut and get over your customers. This is my
    opinion! Thanks for the video. You did help me with my problem. After
    watching your video, you got me thinking and I was able to clean my stain
    with just a little soap, warm water, a dish sponge, towel, and vacuum, with
    a little more effort. So thanks for helping me to realize! 

  8. Kristin Grey says:

    Great idea

  9. BLACK MIKE says:

    Get rid of them noisey kids I cant hear shit!

  10. US Cleaning Solutions says:


  11. Albert Betgorgiz says:
  12. Tim S says:

    I’m thinking the man here in this video, needs to go out somewhere quiet
    and get a beer. Great idea though thanks I’ll try it tonight. 

  13. supra2k8 says:

    nice sun roof

  14. karaokedeva says:

    Excellent video i paid a company $210 to remove stains and they couldn’t
    get them out so i searched youtube and found this video so far have done
    the stairs (except the top part) and they are so clean. Thanks so much we
    are selling our house and really needed to make the carpet to look great. I
    will be doing the rooms next. I wish i would of found this before paying
    the pro’s.

  15. Alexis F. says:

    it’s like real life magic

  16. Stephen Manning says:

    The Windex Cure. Worked great, was easy. Thanks!

  17. sleepyfacedangel says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing ya’ll! :)

  18. Maceo Oliver says:

    and oh, I hot water rinsed after. Still no bueno for some. Great for
    others. Very light colored carpet though, so bleaching wasn’t an issue for

  19. Starbright Carpet Care says:

    We do it for you, call now? This is no fun but we are professionals.
    Starbright Carpet Care

  20. Maceo Oliver says:

    It worked for the spit up, but not for the juice and mysterious black
    stains. Next challenge, grape juice. Not looking forward to that one. 

  21. G Philip C says:

    Good Job!

  22. Josi Banta says:

    Will a sponge work? Like the scratchy scrubber side??

  23. MrSimianca says:

    You said it mark! this is how amateurs with good intentions take about 75%
    of the life outta their carpet. A proper neutralizing rinse and PH balance
    is CRITICAL to finishing any carpet cleaning job (not to mention the proper
    chems and knowledge of how to use them).This is common sense to
    professionals and a mystery to amateurs.

  24. William Wilson says:

    My boy left me some nice greasy oil stains on my living room carpet when I
    was away in Afghanistan. I’ve been deciding on either hiring Stanley
    Steemer to clean or Empire to replace, but I think I’ll give your method a
    try. I’ll give you an update whether it works or not. Your house sounds
    like total bedlam…I’ve tossed the boy (he’s 20) and now I live the quiet
    life of an empty nester.

  25. Anna howard says:

    I was wondering if the windex wont make the color of the carpet fade away ?

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