How to Buy a House

Young Alumni Program – How to Buy a Home Info session. If you want to view the accompanying PowerPoint please go to …

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  1. charlie pierce says:

    Charlie and Emily videos to come on what the married couples know as the
    goldie lox stage! Ive just recorded you angry I the BOSS! Emily is really
    not scared!!!!! as soon as I figure out how to SHARE IT! IN GOD WE TRUST

  2. Dane Powell says:

    Buying investment property: How do they know who is the occupant?

  3. Edgar Mercado says:

    Best tutorial for first time home buyers and even first time investors. I’m
    glad I can find this kind of content! Keep it up! #didyouknow #goodstuff

  4. raul salazar says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. Baz birjis says:

    Great video!! Just subbed will appreciate if you sub back :)

  6. lisaphilosophy says:

    Thank you for posting! 

  7. DEBBIE WILSON says:

    great information thanks

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