How to Build your own Home / Portable recording studio

Build your own Home / Portable recording studio maudio bh photograpghy.

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24 Responses

  1. HoodratchednessTV says:
  2. Jimmy SantAngelo says:

    Audio Jack Splitter Yes Thats What I Need and Want, Gotta and gonna get one
    and 3.5 audio cable Thanks

  3. Ahdree23 says:

    Acoustic foam on the walls people if you want a more authentic sound!


    Do sound booths help make separate vocal tracks sound closer to the same?

  5. Max Jerome says:

    GREAT Video, hate the name though

  6. Néa Skarhed says:

    i hope i can buy this in sweden…. haha But this all… is not like
    difficult for a beginner to connect with the computer?

  7. Devansh chopra says:

    Bro will you please give the full name of the mic u r using.. and if
    possible a link to get it online…plss.. its an urgent request…and ya
    love ur video..:)

  8. Max Jerome says:

    Hood Ambassadors, Hood Advocates, Hood Optimist …. I like those better

  9. devon johnson says:

    What if your mic doesnt come with a headphone jack

  10. kjchicago1 says:

    You ever used a Samson mic or a AKG mic or a MXL mic or a Neumann Mic or a
    Blue Mic or a Sony Mic or a Rode Mic or any type of mic? BTW, I like your
    studio setup!

  11. Robert Clifton says:

    Thanks for the tips it was helpful it helped me when I started recording 

  12. Caprice Rich says:

    I seen the M-Audio keyboard with 88 keys for a great price, is it okay to
    just use that or have two keyboard like you have in the video?

  13. Phoka Rabosiu says:

    3:56 kind’a scared me. Too trippy.

  14. Mike Nickels says:

    hold on hold on hold on…you get basic pro tools with purchase of the

  15. Michelle Luciano says:

    Quick Question Wich One Will Be Better Mac Book Or Pc?

  16. Zach Winters says:

    what is the name of the mic? i can’t find it on the website. great video by
    the way, very helpful

  17. baretillo says:

    if my lady sees me using a panties hoes as a microphone, she will cut my
    balls off. she crAZY.

  18. Maria Rivera-Jones says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. Very helpful! Its great to pass on knowledge!

  19. andyb willo says:

    Great video but can you provide a written shopping list of all I need to
    buy when I go shopping…..much love, thanks and respect

  20. Karam The Hustla says:

    Subbed great video ! I’ve always wanted a home studio ! How much would it
    cost me approximately to buy these things . I’ve already got a laptop ?

  21. Elisabeth says:

    Thanks so much

  22. bobby Jackson says:

    What kind of mic is that bro?

  23. XVJ0J0 says:

    What is the mic’s name

  24. dave thornton says:

    So do you have to have an interface thing or can you do it without it?

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