How To Breastfeed Twins & Manage Breastfeeding

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18 Responses

  1. women health says:

    Natural Breastfeeding Chapter 2 Birth Initiating Early Feeds

  2. Spectre Effect says:

    so many babies

  3. women health says:

    breastfeeding baby twins

  4. women health says:

    Asian Mom Breastfeeding New Born Baby

  5. Arianna Mccubbin says:

    Your really rough with the baby

  6. Naglaa Borgelin says:

    very helpful, thank you so much

  7. giulia vargas says:
  8. houseofhair UK says:

    Thank you for the video. I am not due for another 3 months but id like to
    do joint feeding and this was very helpful

  9. yeehawgurl says:

    That is amazing 

  10. Stephanie Palumbo says:

    Thanks for the video! Very helpful (: I’m due In one week with my twins 

  11. Musria35195@ says:

    Thank you

  12. women health says:
  13. phoebs01 says:

    what a lovely video. good on you mama :)

  14. Jailene Seda says:

    why do you have to switch breast?? ~ twin mommy to be

  15. Sam Kawasaki says:

    r u filming with a match box lol

  16. Kylie Nelson says:


  17. Daniel Andert says:


  18. Peedo Phile says:

    i just ejaculated.

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