How to Be a Back Yard Vegetable Gardener to Grow Food

John from gives a one hour class to share with you the why and how to grow your own food in a small space vegetable garden. In this 1 hour long episode,…
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  1. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:
  2. KillVamp951 says:

    Hey John ive been watching your videos for two years now and I’m only 19. I
    just wanna say that two years ago u inspired me to start my own garden and
    now I am collecting pounds of organic foods from my backyard here in SoCal
    . Not only that but now I’ve inspired a lot of my friends to start a garden
    because when they come over I tell them about the garden like u tell us. I
    also appreciate the informational Cannabis videos hehe. I thank u for all
    the knowledge u have given unto me and peace good man!

  3. vincent sciortino says:

    john post the video when u were high that will be funny as hell

  4. BigNastyreborn says:

    damn you california i planted 15 tomatoes, and 30 peppers based on our
    weather, well we get 3 days of rain and a extreme windy day a week after
    that. the water softened them, and the wind destroyed them.

  5. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

    John, quick question. Why don’t you like eating onions, or talk about them
    all that much?

  6. Preppy Pink Crocodile says:

    Have you checked out The Prudent Homemaker’s garden? She also lives in
    Vegas and did the most stunning re-do of her front yard that has tons of
    edibles but are concealed as ornamentals. You mentioned your HOA and it
    reminded me of her front garden. Thought I’d pass that blog name along in
    case you wanted to see what she has done.

  7. Joseph Ku says:

    I actually watched the entire episode!
    such an accomplishment.

  8. Jason Ratz says:

    Aeroponics John not Aquaponics. :)

  9. Wendi Phan says:

    So generous of you opening your garden for tour and education! Love knowing
    more people are participating in the movement of teaching how to be self
    sustaining. Wish I could take a tour there too! Darn. :D

  10. Christy Sobolewski says:

    Love this, very informative. Future tours would be even better if your
    camera operator would also capture the garden itself. Each time you said
    “as you can see” I desperately hoped for a quick pan of the area you were

  11. Mike Smith says:

    Mirclegro isn’t ma de by Monsanto 

  12. Susan Tow says:

    Hi, I wish you could sell me some ashitaba plants. and Chinese sunchoke
    roots . enjoy watching you videos

    Thanks Susan

  13. ib12541 says:

    would you consider putting worms in your raised beds?

  14. Richard Yin says:

    plants covering and shading the ground is fine, but dont you need a mulch
    to retain moisture? Im betting your soil is very loose. very good water
    drainage, or too good, so a lot of water could wind up just draining down
    to the ground. Only reason i say this, my beds is all compost. and worm
    castings. water will just seep down and hit the native ground soil(heavy
    clay) and puddle.

  15. TheFlygirl7221 says:

    John, is Virgo
    from Scott?

  16. david robson says:

    Cool video, John. I love to see what’s going on at your mini farm.
    I want you to go to Morocco and check out a farm. Abdellah Farmer has
    property in Agadir, Morocco that would make for a great video. Please check
    out his Facebook page and hopefully get on out there?
    I know you’ve always wanted to visit Morocco, so now you have a reason to

  17. Joe Feser says:


  18. Ron Szegleti says:

    Looking Good John!

  19. Joel Mitchell says:

    In the past you mentioned fiverr if I have a question. I do and wanted to
    contribute. What is the link? (could not find it)

    Question is:

    I am planing on going off the grid with my vegetables. (no store bought
    in about 2 months) I got got plenty of vegetables going but need more
    fruits (short growing cycle and long growing cycle). Any ideas?

  20. Gail Jensen says:

    This had to be his best one yet! I really enjoyed it! Thanks John!

  21. Justin Hartley says:

    That’s amazing.

  22. Otakurean says:
  23. john henry says:
  24. Omar Canto says:

    I learned a ton. Thanks for the motivation, I truly appreciate it. Keep on

  25. Clyde Cash says:

    wait I thought John had a garden in the front yard also but the hoa doesn’t
    let him?

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