How to avoid Nosy People? Funny English lesson

How to avoid Nosy People? Funny English lesson Everybody wants to know what’s happening is someone else’s life. Not all are comfortable giving out personal details. Questions like, how…

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  1. Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons says:

    Everybody wants to know what’s happening is someone else’s life. Not all
    are comfortable giving out personal details. Questions like, how much money
    do you make? How many men have you been dating?

    Learn ways to avoid such nosy people.

  2. Thomas Johnston says:

    why you are having “babies”? who has several babies at the same time?

  3. Davi Silva says:

    gostei muito;

  4. Morela Vought says:

    Very insightful phrases to remember. Thanks a lot ….

  5. Michael Moore says:

    Same techs I use on my mother! LOL My mother calls and wonders why I have
    not called. Then she starts up on the, “What’s the guy you met like? Where
    does he work? What does he look like? What’s your hair look like these
    days? Ya never call. Ya never come to visit me.” OMG I could go on and on!
    I live 1100 miles away from my family for A REASON! It was so bad (when I
    lived in the same area) that she would drive by ‘just to see’ who was at my
    place. AND so bad she would just WALK IN MY PLACE without notice!!!!! I
    had to put chain locks on my doors!!!!! The last time I visited ‘the
    family’ I had to hide my purse and luggage because she would find a way to
    paw thru my stuff!!!!! And ALWAYS the offer of do my laundry because she
    wants to peek at the tag on my jeans to see what size I wear!!!!!! THEN
    when she see’s I’m a size 6 (she’s an 18) she starts to lecture me about
    eating and nags when I refuse to drink a soda or eat a piece of cake!!!!
    It’s never ending!!!! I have not visited the family for 7yrs. I thought
    about paying them a visit this summer with my boyfriend but go into panic
    every time I even think about it. I love my mother dearly but she is SO
    almost 50 and still dealing with this crap!!!!! I never get into my OWN
    daughters lives….that’s THEIR business. If they ask for advice I will
    give it. Otherwise I shut my mouth!

  6. Gajanan Hirde says:

    Nosy people are often pokey. But, I feel if we ignore them they would feel
    us weaker

  7. sukhjit kaur says:

    Hi dear teacher thanks so much. I liked it your nice lesson. Take care.

  8. aadan sabrie says:

    What about if he/she repeats the question after I tried to change it, some
    of them are totally critical to say because they show annoyed or angry.

  9. NADEEM SHAHIL says:
  10. mentalthink jim says:

    The last one, I put on FB it’s relly cool, I think here nobody says this
    prhase… Abouth the humor , really it’s very very different from Spain, we
    are very very rude , we have another manner to say the jokes really very
    different than USA….

  11. Carlos Javier Sánchez Castizo says:

    Thank you for being such a nice woman. 

  12. Farrukh SATTOROV says:
  13. Simone Debovoar says:

    You can answer “I don’t know” as an exit solution as well.

  14. Mahboob Shah Yousefi Yousefi says:

    I shell thank full to you for your this kindness.i like all the lessons

  15. Michał Kłosowski says:

    Don’t take to to personal, but your voice is a bit… trying… very far
    from being natural…

  16. Oscar Dorantes says:

    Muy buenas frases las mantre en cuenta like

  17. JHsweeeeeeet says:

    I find the people who are rude enough to ask a ton of nosy questions are so
    insensitive they don’t get it when we try to ‘change the subject’ so this
    doesn’t always work with those types…

  18. Sri Raji says:

    the way u xlain,the way to say,your slang,every thing is awesome

  19. Christhu Raja says:

    It’ very useful for all thankyou again

  20. Ery Lopes says:

    Niharika, you’re incredible. Congratulations once more time.

  21. Mesut O Ozil says:

    By the way how old are you Niharika?…..kidding

  22. 0920394094je says:

    thanks for posting. it was better than I thought it would be. it just not
    gave us new words in English, But you made us understand it when it is used
    in a setence and how to use them in our daily basis. Thanks

  23. king steven says:

    how much money do you make hahahaha

  24. Raydel Rangel says:

    Very interesting video. One of the best ones i’ve seen so far. Keep going
    on this this way please. Thanks!!!

  25. Jack Sawal says:

    Thank you for the sharing ur knowledge with us

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