How To Annoy People – How to Climb Ladders Click here to watch How To Annoy People: You spelled hazard wrong. How To Annoy People: How to climb ladders (Black Ops Machinima) S02E01 This.

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25 Responses

  1. Princess Rainbow Dash says:

    Funny enough if you try to join the state emergency service you will also
    have to take a course on how to climb ladders :)))))))

  2. Lord Baron Sir Hayden says:

    Now I’ve seen a tutorial on how to climb up ladders, I can climb up ladders
    with ease. Thanks Kevin :)

  3. Elliott Sumner says:

    Callum has got to be the most decent person I’ve even seen on Call Of Duty.

  4. Niklas Olofsson says:

    Callum is a legend.

  5. buNi5D says:

    I respect Callum for being so patient

  6. Ron Burgundy says:

    fucking brilliant 

  7. The Emperor says:

    This video should be called How to troll people

  8. Metool42 says:

    Ha, he’s in CLG.

  9. Vantor XDeton says:

    what the title for the video where kevin and his friends play left 4 dead

  10. Matt Rhodes says:

    Thank you for making the video funny and being chill haha

  11. Buster2006Production says:

    no your an idiot for correcting someones typing on youtube. thts like
    crecting sum1 in a txt msg

  12. michael savrassov says:

    Hmmm…. It seems to primitive to take seriously…. Maybe we should try to
    tame this rather unevolved creature!

  13. RubyRose says:

    Do not.


    Because they ARE idiots. Wait this comment is 2 months old… Oh know, it’s

  15. GGamer says:

    do this again!!! ahah

  16. David Graham says:

    I especially love it when you rag on the 12 year olds, they are the ones
    that are truly annoying! Grief them baby. LOL

  17. ayahalom says:

    you’re an idiot! sorry it just looked fun

  18. The Twilicane (MrRexel14) says:

    i normal put one arm up then the leg on the same side as the arm up then i
    put the other arm up and the other leg up

  19. putangslayer69 says:

    look at me im daancin im daancin reminded me of clap trap lolololol

  20. Clayton Loup says:

    you go first no u have to tallum haha.

  21. Callum Bannister says:

    Look who was right after all! Dumb fuck.

  22. Musique Noir de L'âme says:

    I love it when the trolled is so cool with it…

  23. Fuoleo says:

    I actually kinda like Callum ._.

  24. MrTEEHaq says:

    Lolollo lolollo u sooooo funny

  25. Buster2006Production says:

    i dont speak dumbass, thats for sure

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