How To Annoy People – HE IS IN THE GLITCH!

How To Annoy People - HE IS IN THE GLITCH!

How To Annoy People – HE IS IN THE GLITCH! Kevin is back with season 3 of How To Annoy, this time on black ops 2. The people I annoy are not friendly, I only bug people who are mean when I…

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24 Responses

  1. Turbo Ace says:

    I hate today’s generation, just a bunch of prepubescent kids calling
    everyone fag and retards and only playing COD. In 20 years the world will
    get fucked up badly. ;)

  2. kittyface27 says:

    when will there be a girl on here???
    i thought that little kid might be a girl

  3. CMac68H says:

    I haven’t played Call of Duty in years, but I always wondered why people
    are so obsessed with getting kills in modes like Search and Destroy. You
    don’t actually NEED kills in those, right?

  4. lookovertheir says:

    u were funnier when ur mic was the way it was on black ops 1

  5. Michael Green says:

    pacman has to be one of the youngest players on cod

  6. Heqzo - Quit Editing, New Channel in Desc. says:


  7. ohGodknows says:

    Holy Crap Man. I laughed so hard when you had the guy against the tree and
    he died. That was some funny crap man. I enjoy your videos. 

  8. Armand Arion says:

    The kid at 1:12. What is he like fucking 7???? 

  9. ProfesserNipplehimer says:

    Bring this back

  10. BullyB33F says:

    did not realized there are so many fetuses play C.O.D

  11. Sentinel Prime says:

    Little kids playing this game. Terrible.

  12. Lizzie Birdsworth says:

    A wee kid saying I’ll beat you up, over a game XD extremely threatening 

  13. Colton Doyle says:

    poor little kid :(

  14. TECHlNIQUE says:

    I like how Kevin gave the kid at the end of the video just enough hope that
    he thought he could fool Kevin into moving.

  15. Ziffy2810 says:

    Kid – “That’s why you sound like that guy off Family Guy you re…”

    Kevin – “Good insult… I… I guess… eeerrrmm… yeah…….nice.” XD

  16. Smljhndnsmr says:

    Prepubescent boys telling grown men to grow some pubes…

  17. Veygore says:

    Loll lol, “mate I’ll beat you up”

  18. Jonathan.HDK.O'Toole says:

    “it’s ok, sometimes dying is the easiest thing to do” LOL :D

  19. MrBoltonrules says:

    “i dont like it” lol

  20. TheDoughnutDays says:

    If you think about it if children didn’t have this game, it would not be
    what it is today and less successful.

  21. MrThedoc182 says:

    why is this game filled with stupid teens who aren’t actually old enough to
    buy the game?

  22. PowderClock says:

    Isn’t it like, the government’s job to lie? I ain’t got a problem with it.
    Imagine if they told the truth. THAT would be scary. Go drink some tea and
    neglect your dental health.

  23. X RUNIO X GAMER says:

    4:10 Oh the irony!

  24. OopsRuMad says:

    how would it be beautiful? if there were no children on call of duty, then
    people like kevin here wouldn’t exist, and my world would be an empty one
    without kevin D’8

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