How Racists Sound to Normal People

This is what racism sounds like to the rest of us. I suppose this technically means that I’m racist against racists, which isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened. Please subscribe if you…
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25 Responses

  1. Girl Pants Productions says:

    This is basically what racism sounds like to the rest of us:

  2. Lily Shimizu says:

    The things he was saying were so extremely ridiculous that I almost missed
    the point. ;)

  3. Daemon Avner says:

    Ehhhhh, it was alright I guess. I’m getting a pretty “Buzzfeed” vibe from
    this though, so… guess it’s time to move on?

  4. Emma Ewatson says:

    lol this is actually funny. the racist guy is cute! :)

  5. Angela Martin says:

    How Racists Sound to Normal People

  6. Ole Olson says:

    *How Racists Sound to Normal People*
    *Hint: like the small minded dicks they are*

  7. Phil Th. Pig says:

    Videos against anti-vaccers, homophobes and racists? I think I just fell in

  8. Red says:


  9. 1337rofflecopters says:

    Your racists are nicer than red state racists. I’m jealous.

  10. Vincent Brown says:

    This video is crazy. Has the producer of this video ever seen anyone talk
    like this in a conversation? Also, the use of stereotypes, while not always
    the wisest thing to do, is no indication that one is a racist. 

  11. TheFroskeImperium says:

    Judging by how many things the tall guy know about the short guy, I’d say
    they’re very close.

  12. Nick Rainwater says:

    Hey, can I marry you all at the same time? Yeah, that sounds great.

  13. SasukeIsPwnage says:

    Saying African American instead of black annoys me… I know an African
    American. He’s white. If you were born in America, you’re American.

  14. Just try and forget all the good times... says:

    ok last video i swear then i will now go to sleep

  15. Derpenshire~4lif says:

    Thing about girl pants: small pockets :P

  16. 6969Mustafa6969 says:

    Has anyone considered that the term “White” is racist? Could it imply all
    white people are the same? Here’s some stuff to consider: White people are
    accused of things like slavery, slaughtering of indigenous North American
    populations, and a lot of other bad shit including racism (Very accurate).
    The term “White” encompasses anybody of non-black/brown skin color. There
    are a lot of people who fall under the term “White” then. People included
    are: Irish (Persecuted by Anglo-Saxon protestants for a long time an
    especially during the industrial revolution), Italians (To this day many
    don’t consider Italians to be white and they were only deemed white by the
    majority of the U.S. population after World War II.), Russians
    (Discriminated heavily due to communist association), Polish (Discriminated
    against quickly for sharing Catholic faith as opposed to protestant which
    were also reasons for Irish and Italian discrimination). These are just
    four different ethnic groups that fall under the category of white. Except
    for possibly the Irish, none of these ethnic groups were truly involved in:
    The genocide acted on the native americans (While you could argue
    Christoforo Columbo, you have to remember his own men sent him back to
    Spain in chains for being a douche bag to not only the natives but his own
    crew), The African Slave Trade between ENGLAND, AMERICA, and AFRICA, and
    the Racism that followed because of it. So I’m seeing a lot of White ethnic
    groups that haven’t done a lot of things ‘white people’ are often blamed
    for doing. What I do see is Americans, English, and Anglo-Saxons. On the
    flip side the Term Black seems sort of racist as well because that implies
    that an african american, Jamaican Americans, Aboriginals, and many other
    black skinned ethnic groups are the same. So… is it right to associate
    people by color as opposed to ethnicity? Why or why not? 

  17. Zenoxx Jaques Strapp Chrovnoux says:
  18. Rikunda says:

    I am now completely confused… So it means racist sound like they are
    speaking non-sense? Now I know!

  19. Gregory Berardi says:

    *How Racists Sound to Normal People*
    *Hint: like the small minded dicks they are*

  20. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    I always bump my podcasts while driving. Dropping knowledge is gangster.

  21. Nick Rainwater says:

    Did you just have him improvise this?

  22. Vanessa White says:

    Good actor, very funny.

  23. Matthew Fultz says:

    Richard C, only a racist is blinded to white privilege. Then again, only a
    racist references Black People as “the blacks”. Racism is unfortunately
    prominent in just about every aspect of society. A large group of young
    Black men stand beside you on a deserted subway car, you get nervous or
    apprehensive, that’s racism. A Black woman has 9 kids with her, you
    immediately think “I wonder how many have the same father” or “I’m sure
    she’s on welfare” that’s racist. Most individuals have subconscious racist
    tendencies, it’s the nature of humans, the trouble begins when we allow
    those tendencies to form out opinions. Change those scenarios and your
    perception changes. A group of young white men, no apprehension at all. A
    White woman with all those kids, “wow she’s got her hands full” or “that
    family must make a ton of money to feed all those kids”. That is White
    privilege. Claiming White privilege doesn’t exist is like a Nazi saying ”
    what Holocaust, no clue what your talking about “. Both are obviously
    incorrect and absurd. 

  24. barabararossa says:

    IMHO not funny or true especially when compared to your other videos…
    Let’s assume next production will be better.

  25. Drazaria88 says:

    Do sexism! Or gender differences 

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