How Playing GTA5 Affects Your Brain

There’s a lot out there about violent video games.. but turns out most of it isn’t true. Games like Grand Theft Auto do change the way the brain works, but it’s quite possibly for the better!…

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25 Responses

  1. DNews says:

    Could violent video games like GTA5 actually be a positive thing for your
    brain? Anthony had to find out!

    How Playing GTA5 Affects Your Brain

  2. Bobert Johnson says:

    If I showed this video to my mom, she would kill me.

  3. William Bishop says:

    I’ve been playing the GTA series since I was 4 (15 today) and I haven’t
    killed anyone yet. 

  4. Ammon Zambrana says:

    i favorited this to show my mom every time she tells me im wasting my time

  5. Ruff_Beggar says:

    Do I think if I showed my mom this vid she would let me yet GTA? 

  6. RandomActsOfGaming says:

    I think it can help desensitize you in certain circumstances depending on a
    TON of factors. Some are a good way to relieve stress.

  7. Sean M says:

    Hopefully this will convince my parents.

  8. Katarina Hreljanovic says:

    Hehe i am actually going crazy cause of GTA and i just wached some vids
    about lieing and criminal and bumped into this shit!!!hehe!!!

  9. OfficialVanDyce says:

    Watching D News is a recent addiction for me…. 

  10. Edwin Jose says:

    i dont know why but im not into gaming anymore, i used to come home to just
    go on games nowadays all i do is code + youtube + fb + stuff.. two years
    ago I remember being excited as hell when COD Ghosts was announced and that
    turned out to be a poo game..last year when Advanced warfare came out, I
    couldnt care less .. I need to see a Doctor I’m 16 and im bored of games,
    there is something wrong with me 🙁 tbh I think its just that I dont have
    any time anymore 😉 

  11. Derek Atwood says:

    If only when we were younger, this video would be here already and all our
    parents could have seen what we’ve been trying to tell them.. pointless

  12. Lavon Sylvers says:

    How Playing GTA5 Affects Your Brain:

  13. david scher says:

    I don’t mind this video… Good job!

  14. fucra x says:

    say that to my mom XD

  15. Goat Empire says:

    I am gonna show my mum this 

  16. GamingPlanetX27 says:

    I told you mom

  17. Gaming Psycho says:

    LOL should I show this to my mom?

  18. Kyle Robb says:

    to the people that say violent video games make you violent. Does me
    playing nba2k14 make me a nba player. NO. so shutup 

  19. John Oliver says:

    if you can feel yourself peel off of your couch, get rid of your leather
    sofa, those things are hella uncomfortable anyways.

  20. Gab Sorbera says:


  21. Dro Kh says:

    It’s people like this that make your parents not let you play

  22. Brickete Boom says:


  23. Deadpool 34790 says:

    I play it and I am 9

  24. ganster2233445 says:

    gta 5 is awesome and its good for u lol

  25. Dᴏᴡʟᴘʜɪɴ says:

    This video mentioned a whole lot of benefits that are not related to the
    often-debated violence aspect. I guess the argument there is that you can
    blow off steam, not having to do it in real life where it could actually
    hurt people. But I’d say the crucial test to figure out what violent video
    games are doing to you is this:
    Do they make you crave for more violent video games long-term or less? The
    latter would be a case of stress relief, the former a case of giving in to
    a mental issue.

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