How People Disappear

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  1. Sophie Rose Writes The Psychopathic Turtle Lover™ says:

    ….Vsauce, you never fail to creep me out.

  2. jgostling says:

    In addition to leaked obituaries, there is also name matches. Different
    people who have the same name. Some years ago there was a tragic plane
    crash with all aboard killed. One of the passengers had the same name and
    last name as my mother, as well as the same middle name initial. The
    passenger list made it to the newspapers, and the consolences started
    pouring in. We had to keep her off the phone so the calls would not be
    answered by the “deceased”. Trully awkward. 

  3. Wagenspook says:

    I feel sorry for that scientist… spends all his life trying to find out
    how far we are from the sun only to come home to see his life in shambles,
    all his worldly possessions plundered, and now all alone with no one there
    to hug him better…

    Fuck it I’m building a time machine! that poor french guy needs a hug

  4. Wael Bazzi says:

    LMAO That breaking bad reference tho

  5. Clash Bluelight says:

    i had to disappear long ago. i’m a hot dog that is cooked and in bun who
    has lived for many years because nobody can find me. i’ll even post it as a
    challenge. i’ll think of my location and you’ll try to guess it. i’ll tell
    my friend the location to make sure i don’t change it. guess if you can.

    ps for a little help here are three hints.

    1: it is a western territory.

    2: it is a small independent state.

    and 3: words from the other hints are important. try searching some of the
    words from the other hints and you may get lucky.

    enjoy! :D

  6. waga95 says:

    How many babies does it take to paint a wall?


    -Depends on how hard you throw.

  7. NotSoLogical says:

    Or just transform into a rat and hide in some kids pocket for like 11

  8. Minh Tran says:

    Mabel Bot: >Missing top!

  9. Jeremy Greenlee says:

    Ive got something for you to think about, after you die will you ever see
    through this type of vision on earth again? I mean that right now you are
    reading this comment how you normally do, but after you die will you
    possibly read this comment again, as someone else, but with the same field
    of view. if you dont understand, look at your hands, you can (while looking
    at them) see your arms, your screen, and anything around your screen, now
    after you die (let’s assume you just die) will you (not you, just your
    vision) ever see things the same way as you do now, alive? 

  10. Ellie Bayliss says:

    Woah, that’s so deep, even Adele couldn’t roll in it.

    (If you get that I will be your best friend

  11. Hephaistion Alonso says:

    New to your Channel. Wow such an amazing video. Love it

  12. ReFrEsH501 says:

    holy shit this totaly scares me =D
    every time =D

  13. xutianyangkevin says:

    Hail Hydra

  14. Manipulative Mammoth says:

    Oh jeeeeeezus. I’ve disappeared!! I know because nobody will reply to my

  15. Mortophobe says:

    now i know why comedians are generally in their 40″s

  16. MMowen4004 says:

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To fuck your bitch.

  17. Avestrey says:

    I honestly felt like crying every time he kept talking about people missing
    and people not being remembered. People being mistaken for being dead and
    remembered as someone else, I honestly feel bad for that person that is
    remembered as someone else, not themselves. I would hate to have that
    happen to me…

  18. Dylan Roberts says:

    There’s only one explanation for the 2000 people disappearing…Slender Man
    took them.

  19. Noah Kunze says:

    This is honestly my favorite vsauce video hands down.

  20. Thomas Joosten says:

    It’s impossible I got switched at birth! I look EXACTLY like my father!

  21. Elizabeth Hogan says:

    What do politicians and sperm have in common?

    About one in every 500-600 million has a chance of becoming a human.

  22. MinecraftPro15 says:

    Here is a serious question from me: Do laws apply to you, if you are
    announced legally dead?

  23. JezzupWuzzup says:

    People disappear?


  24. LoochGaming says:

    help, i am sending this message through Internet Explorer so it might be
    delayed a little. i’ve spotted two planes headed for the Twin Towers!

  25. Pro Tech Kid says:

    That is such a positive thing to spread and no Thank You for making me feel
    like I matter in earth

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