How Music Affects People

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21 Responses

  1. Brandon Legend says:

    *Yo!! This dude’s channel is dope as fuck! When the Rock music came on…
    “Fuck you bitch!!” X””D!!! I’m crying!! XP*

  2. Jade Perez says:

    The last song was funny..aha charles said oh hell naw motherfucker.. GET

  3. Jason Cardistry says:

    LMFAO that last song OMG nah motherfucker…..if I see Travis behind me
    right now cause I’m listening to that last song is I see Travis I’m moving
    to Canada

  4. nur shakil says:

    osthir,,, really really like…

  5. daeshaun polk says:


  6. TheTeezyfy says:

    The second song???? The when when he gets sad, some please tell me 

  7. Jocelyn Lopez says:

    Is it weird if I am mexican/American and I only like gangsta,cholo,rap,hip
    hop shit my music is fuckin dope

  8. DrearyLIVE _ says:

    Was that 3rd song by FFDP

  9. MsBunnyBoo151 says:

    Only when I eat Hot Pockets

  10. Alex Galvan says:

    This guy knows good music, much respect from the west coast, Dom Kennedy 

  11. Kirsten Pitts says:

    Bruh that last part had me craping up for days

  12. Emily Smith Hampton says:

    oh my gaaaawwwwwd grind on me holy f*******ck that sh*t was hilarious had
    me rolliiiiiiin XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Caleb Hall says:

    Lol your amazing and funny after Lol bruh that shit is original

  14. crazy peanutz says:

    This is crazy!!! And when Grind On Me came on!!! Damn, very funny thou.

  15. Laura Camacho says:

    I think there’s where bipolar comes from? Lol

  16. hashtagfucker says:

    five finger death punch dude no idea you even knew em maybe you dont but im
    a metalhead so i know practically everything within that genre

  17. Avalanche Fan says:

    You left your sticker on your hat.

  18. Randasha Flewellen says:

    Baby grind on me was to funny

  19. Tommy Ivy says:

    Nigga ill fuccin kill u and that’s on crip blood

  20. Harley Bandana says:


  21. Jose Lopez says:

    Whats that Rock song !!!!!!!!!!!!

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