How It Works -The Vibrating Gyro- (Science And Stuff)

How It Works -The Vibrating Gyro- (Science And Stuff)

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25 Responses

  1. kiddeath921 says:

    This helped alot thanks

  2. Johan Mynhardt says:
  3. Mohammad Hefny says:

    The Magic Behind Quadcopters
    How It Works -The Vibrating Gyro- (Science And Stuff)

  4. R/C 101 says:

    I thought that’s what i was representing with the animation but I may be
    wrong. It was hard to find internal diagrams of this type of helicopter
    gyro. From what I could tell from diagrams the mass vibrates left and right
    on one axis and measures the Coriolis force of the yaw axis. their are a
    large number of MEMS gyros, most are very complex like the 3 axis one at
    1:42 but they all use the same basic principle a mass is vibrated on one
    axis and measures the coriolis force of a perpendicular axis

  5. wallaguest1 says:

    now mems accelerometer!

  6. holdmybeer says:

    More science please

  7. 1BustedMyth says:

    Thanks for doing this! I really wanted to know more about these little guys!

  8. Adrian Lopez says:

    @yohazemman1 no

  9. Gig540 says:

    Very cool really enjoyed that video

  10. Glenn Horowitz says:

    A handy illustration, thank you!

  11. Shtiffles says:

    WOW im gonna fucking ace this physics test!

  12. molekulaTV says:

    good vid good info thanks

  13. jonnda says:

    Oh, now i get it.

  14. Mentha Trecenta says:

    that solves the puzzle why the halteres act as gyroscopes without rotation.
    i could not fugure that out myself. thank you!

  15. R/C 101 says:

    it’s made toy helicopters so much easier to fly that almost any one can
    enjoy them now.

  16. R/C 101 says:

    You may embed this video in your ebook for educational purposes, I’m glad
    you found it informative and not boring. Please inform us if you
    commercialize it.

  17. TheTechyest says:

    Thanks for responding Dallas flyer, you made feel awesome! Keep everything
    your doing up!

  18. sullydude24 says:

    Very amazing! Thank you! I’m still learning at 47!

  19. Renier Engelbrecht says:

    Hi there. I would like to embed this particular video into an ebook I am
    creating for 14-16 year olds. No commercialising of the ebook at this
    stage. Maybe in a years time. Could I have permission to embed the video
    into the ebook. As usual credit will be given to all relevant parties.

  20. R/C 101 says:

    I was hopeful this video would help inspire people to learn more about some
    of these technologies and concepts. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for

  21. R/C 101 says:

    I just hope I got it all right, I don’t know if that RC gyro really looks
    like that inside or functions exactly like that because I couldn’t find any
    actual internal pictures of one. I had to research multiple written sources
    and base my C.G. model on circuit diagrams.It was hard to figure out it’s
    structure and how it really worked. I also hope the twisting motion I show
    the flapping component making is an accurate representation of the coriolis
    effect that causes the current to be generated.

  22. Adrian Lopez says:

    For so long I’ve been curious about this. Thank you so much!

  23. MPSecare says:

    “Dry bone exhibits some piezoelectric properties” — now i’m just freaked
    out! o.o

  24. Coolshows101 says:

    Cool! I like your science clips. they are short but tell me everything I
    kneed to know.

  25. BBBQ4 says:

    I cant subscribe cause im already subscribed ;w; but i want to. sob*

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