How I Got a Car Loan with Bad Credit

This is where I got my car loan, Today, I want to discuss with you about my car loan experience. Just recently I bought a new car, but I had trouble financing it….
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  1. Lester Love says:

    What’s that loan company 


    Persistence often pays off big time!

  3. ashaaib says:

    i’m not taking off my clothes for no car

  4. Jacob Ashuri says:


  5. hdtwal1den says:

    Oh, child. This is so messed up on so many levels. #1 No one should have
    a “car of my dreams.” One shouldn’t dream of cars. One should just pick a
    decent one and drive it. Emotionally investing is a thing is just bad
    news. #2 If you have bad credit, you’ve got no business financing a new
    car. #3 If you have good credit or no credit . . . you’ve got no business
    financing a new car. You’ll never get ahead financially with these

  6. Commercial MarketPlace says:

    Interesting… Thank you.

  7. Kenn Cliff says:

    interesting video ,
    If anyone else is trying to find
    how to get your business credit report try *Awsomic Fund Finder* (do a
    google search)?
    Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got amazing
    results with it.

  8. Kick Someass says:

    It’s extremely stupid to borrow money to buy a car. Intelligent people wait
    for a while, save their money and buy a car which matches their budget and
    income. This means the maximum car price would be 4 to 5 times your gross
    monthly income, paid in cash from your savings and not by borrowed money.
    What did your parents learn you when you were growing up?

  9. Queen Bee says:

    If you need help fixing your credit I can help you my number is

  10. Brayan Ayala says:

    Hope it’s true

  11. Q 2Young4Mangas says:

    Thank you cargirllII. I pray and I hope this helps

  12. Marcela Aquilar says:
  13. Thanh Speights says:
  14. Paulina Mccabe says:
  15. Amelia Flanagan says:
  16. Krystal Lokken says:
  17. Mora naiar says:
  18. Alphonse Ferrante says:
  19. Merlene Amend says:
  20. Michel Overlock says:
  21. Goldie Boyle says:
  22. Jess Phares says:
  23. Rosalia Rappaport says:
  24. Hester Sitton says:
  25. Erasmo Deck says:

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