How do you know the raw food diet works? In this video I talk about how to really know the raw food diet is working for you and how to make sure you continue to do it safely.
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23 Responses

  1. MessianicIsreality says:

    Nison is the dude!

  2. didiydi says:

    Excellent information at the second part of the video. You are smart and
    open minded. I was wondering if you’ve noticed the difference in the way
    you speak to the people as opposed to directly to the camera- it’s a bit
    too loud in the second case. Wish you could work on that, I would listen to
    you more often.

  3. rainbowgardening says:

    yee ha ! , gentle smile

  4. TTTTTURTLE says:

    crackao hahaha

  5. The Raw Life Health Show says:

    Thanks, but each person has to find what works best for them in the long

  6. Matthew Lake says:

    Exactly what I like to hear! Don’t be stick to the same thing even if new
    information comes out showing its bad…. This is exact.y what I’ve done
    over the last 7 years. I change my diet and things based on new information
    , my blood work, and how i feel! I get blood taken every year to measure SO
    MANY different things. It’s worth it. Luckily everything is probably as
    good as I can get it now… 🙂 very nice message paul.

  7. The Raw Life Health Show says:

    It’s because the camera is too far or too close. I’ll figure it out. Hang
    in there.

  8. HealthQuestion says:

    Its all true, It took me a couple of months to learn exactly what amounts
    of fruit and vegetables i should eat. It took me two days to learn that my
    body can’t work without meat.

  9. Evelyn Parham says:

    Great info, Paul!

  10. Ruth Allen says:

    30 bananas is nonsence for the body, kombucha is just dire! cacao, my mind
    loves! but my body freaks out with it. so its little and seldom – cacao is
    medicinal sacred food. – keep up the good work. you are doing good brother.

  11. Bonnie Parker says:

    cracao, hahahah. I need to lay off of the stuff . . . please make a video
    on food combining!!

  12. didiydi says:

    thanks for the reply, i have another one. maybe it’s just me, and other
    people are not bothered but it was disconcerting to look what’s in the
    background. quite messy.

  13. med ali abdallah says:

    @myqkhcx I’ve been dropping 10 pounds a week for the last month. Forget all
    the fad diets, you want see any permanent results until you learn how to
    eat properly. The Weight Loss Road Map is one and only book I 100% endorse,
    changed my life. Check it out here ->

  14. Md Jahangir Alam says:

    Oh hey! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (do a google search)? Ive
    heard some incredible things about it and my buddy lost a ton of weight
    with it.

  15. gjermundlia says:

    FEEL what is right

  16. jacquesdebois says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, my brother from another mother. Sounds like a
    raw Brooklynight.

  17. The Raw Life Health Show says:

    Bklyn’s in da house!

  18. sarenbil says:

    my belly is sticking out, but thats because I make too much prolactin, so
    it can also be due to a hormonal problem

  19. Homer Greyt says:

    Your diet is very similar to Warriors Diet, so who is right?

  20. Dreadwitch says:

    I’ve got to get my dad to watch this vid. it’s just so hard to explain to
    him that he isn’t healthy and that he can improve even though he is 68 and
    looks 7 months pregnant

  21. starflower666 says:

    the beard looks good! this diet only started working for me when i started
    taking digestive enzymes with meals.

  22. Secrets of Longevity says:

    Great points Paul! It’s so important to be open to change. Hippocrates HAS
    changed a lot over the years thanks to how they haven’t become stuck in

  23. Peter Furlong says:

    phew, ramble. who wrote “your” book?

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