How Do People Get Cancer?

We learn that there are hundreds of types of cancer, many ways to get it & see some of the horrible stuff it does… education, fun 😛 My Website: Onision Tumblr: http://onisio…

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24 Responses

  1. OnisionSpeaks says:

    Don’t stand too close to nukes kids.

  2. hannzlol says:

    *AIDS joke*
    everyone laughs
    *Ebola joke*
    everyone laughs
    *Cancer joke*
    wtf is wrong with you people die from cancer


  3. nicole unicornized says:

    My friends brother has bone cancer and he doesn’t have those huge lumps on
    his body lol but idk he’s doing good

  4. GeniTLK says:

    wait fuck if I have allergies that means I have Leprechaun’s Disease?

  5. Ryan Tennyson says:

    My aunt died of cancer this year, and yet this didn’t offend me. Haters
    please remove yourself.

  6. RPG World says:

    People make jokes about ebala we laugh
    People make jokes about aids we laugh
    People make jokes about cancer the world ends

  7. SonicTurboTurtle says:

    there was a prostate cancer ad before the vid started for me. SOTI

  8. Gerrie Berrie says:

    I love you man but… “Vitamin E. Long touted as an anti-cancer agent,
    vitamin E is a very popular supplement. A large study last year, of 35,533
    men, looked at vitamin E and the risk of prostate cancer. The authors found
    that the risk of cancer *increased* for men taking vitamin E. In an even
    larger review done at Johns Hopkins University, Edgar Miller and Lawrence
    Appel found that the overall risk of death was higher in people who took
    vitamin E.”

  9. Yuno Gasai says:

    It’s simple really, people get cancer by visiting */b/*.

  10. Hezzerp says:

    to summarise, everything causes cancer :P

  11. Trey Smith says:

    Wow fuck you. Unsubscribing

  12. Barbara Watson says:

    I am pretty sure if you read WebMD it’s going to tell you that you have
    whatever it is you are looking for and the ultimate end is death, LOLOL!!!!

  13. RilakkumaII says:

    o gawd I’m 14 and my stepmom is dying of cancer…

  14. Mark Aotic says:

    “I’m use to it, my boyfriend Bubba is so fucking big.”

    I DIED xD 

  15. Shannon Walker says:

    lmao that part… “so when you die of cancer, blame dad” aaaand my dad died
    of lung cancer.. that shouldnt be funny but its like dark dark daaark humor
    v.v now i feel bad

  16. PunishedRandom says:

    Why did god invent cancer what a fucking idiot!!!!!!!

  17. Sky Link says:

    My aunt has cancer…

  18. Fennec VMC says:

    I am a cancer. You know…because I was born on June 26….

  19. Samara Deneen says:

    “Wait what? Smoked Salmon?! Why do you got to fuck with the smoked salmon

  20. Erica Holloway says:

    That was useless if it is genetic. 

  21. Nabzarella Dare says:

    Life causes Cancer. Enough said.

  22. Zion kurosaki says:

    I once saw a commercial that said; “This drug can cause teenage boys to
    produce large breasts. Please call this number if your son has taken this
    and produced large breasts.” If my son woke up with breasts one morning, I
    would’ve called someone a long time ago. -.-

  23. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    He’s not making fun of cancer you guys chill out. He’s just making fun of
    the info on the Internet about cancer. Cancer is the most sensitive subject
    for me and I’m not offended. Pay attention to what he says. Still mad? Then
    go to another channel lmao. But still cancer is no joke. Period 

  24. Sophie Wilson says:

    Fuck you onision! You’re worse than satan himself! Id much rather watch the
    amazing fucktard or mr.Pussion they know how the world really is!

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