How Do I Remove Spots and Stains From UGGS / UGG Boots? FREE Video #14

How Do I Remove Spots and Stains From UGGS / UGG Boots?  FREE Video #14

Here are some great tips for easily removing stains such as mud, salt, water and dirt from UGGS / UGG Boots.
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17 Responses

  1. antho119632 says:

    Hi its julissa, I have a question I got little dots of Tide Wash on each
    boot and I believe the Tide includes febreeze what do I do, but if I send
    it to a laundry mat people say it shrinks, HELP!!!!I am crying

  2. steph ortiz says:

    Do ya know how to remove detergent stain from uggs?

  3. Harper Stoneheart says:

    My UGGS have like, a bubble on them, with a stain on it, so if anyone knows
    how to get rid of it please respond to me.

  4. MsRoyaltone says:

    When Uggs get rain soaked, let them dry naturally. Do not put any heat on
    them. Then your best bet is to take them to a dry cleaner who knows how to
    clean and treat uggs. They will use the proper science to add the oils and
    softeners back into the leather.

  5. MsRoyaltone says:

    I am so sorry! I think your best bet is to take them to your local
    drycleaners and have them professionally cleaned. Removing oil from uggs is
    tricky, because some stain removal processes can lift the color. A
    professional cleaner will have the right products to do the best job. They
    usually charge between $25 and $40. Hope this helps!

  6. Stephanie Alpizar says:

    Hey, do you know how to remove water stains?

  7. Harper Stoneheart says:

    Great, thanks for your help. I’ll be sure to go soon.

  8. MsRoyaltone says:

    Becca, Your best bet is to take them to a dry cleaner who has an UGG
    cleaning service. That way you don’t accidentally use something on them
    that will take the dye out of the skins. The quicker the stain is removed
    the better. Good luck!

  9. Kiki Lornis says:

    There has to be an easier way

  10. Cristy Martinez says:

    where can you buy the per spotter?

  11. becca johnson says:

    i was in the rain and the front of my ugg boots got soaked then they water
    stained..what should i do??

  12. tweety34ful says:

    Hi, do you know how to clean mink oil off ugg boots? I put some on today on
    the side of my boot by mistake 🙁 please help I feel like I’m going to cry
    🙁 thank you in advance

  13. MsRoyaltone says:

    I think your best bet is your local drycleaners. If you accidentally use
    the wrong spot remover it can pull the dye from your boots.

  14. MsRoyaltone says:

    Hi There, The carbide strip is just a fine sandpaper. So your hardware
    store or walmart will carry it. Just be careful not to scrub too hard. You
    don’t want to remove the “Nap”. Also don’t use the carbide on any of the
    stitching. It will cut through the thread…then your boots will get a hole
    in the seam. To be clear, the carbide is only for “crusty stains”. Stuff
    that is sitting on top of the skin,(mud, salt) not for liquid that is
    soaked in.

  15. MsRoyaltone says:

    Kiki, There might be an easier way, but with the big investment it takes to
    purchase Uggs, you should probably use the proper chemicals and procedures
    to keep them looking great as long as possible.

  16. MsRoyaltone says:

    Since you don’t know what the spot is I think your best bet is to take it
    to the Dry Cleaners to have them professionally cleaned. They might be able
    to figure out what is on it and remove it quickly.

  17. Harper Stoneheart says:

    I need help, so if anyone knows, please respond.

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