How Do CDs Work?

Ever wondered how a CD, DVD, or video game worked? If so you have come to the right place; in this video I explain everything about CD from what they are, how they work, and how we use devices…

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  1. NerdSanctum says:
  2. Joe Alt says:

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    scientists about 194:6 (boy/girl ratio), with it being the EU robotic
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  3. Daniel Kelly says:

    My college actually uses this as a link for help in course work. Couldn’t
    they find a more creditable source? Yeah he may know is stuff but I’m sure
    they just typed in “How do CDs work” and just copied the first video link
    they saw.

  4. Skyler Golden says:

    Can you delve deeper into how multiple mediums can be transmitted through
    the reading of a disc simultaneously? What I mean by this is, how can a
    disk that is being read by a single laser transmit information such as
    audio (5.1 surround aka 6 separate channels) and video at the same time?
    Is the separate data actually occurring at different times but so fast
    that we perceive it as coinciding? Or are there multiple lasers reading
    separate rows of information? I understand how bits and binary works with
    audio, but I don’t understand how it could process so many different
    programs when it comes to more than 2 channels of audio.

  5. EagleSlightlyBetter says:

    well done, dude.

  6. OnePiece0039 says:

    thank you so much for simple explanation… heres my thumbs up.. :))

  7. Maddy ✿ says:

    Thanks, you did my science homework for me xD

  8. MrVycka says:

    Cool video, I was always wondering how CDs actually work.

  9. Oreoluwa Osundina says:

    this helped so much thank you so much i really needed this for a project
    for school

  10. pstasiw says:

    It is actually to do with the destructive and constructive superposition of
    the light rays on the cd. If there is a bump, light cancels out and there
    is a dip light. If there is no bump, light reflects normally. It is not as
    simple as that…

  11. Humdan Bakhshi says:

    nice one dude came in handy when i couldn’t explain it correctly.
    keep up the good work

  12. Sreehari Namikaze says:

    Thanks a lot man. 

  13. dig axa says:

    wow what a smart ass dude!!! thanx well put together and understood.

  14. Jayden Perry says:

    you suck balls

  15. Shorkie says:

    Great explanation!

  16. KxDmusic says:

    Bro you look like Lizzy McGuires brother! But thanks for explaining this to
    me, good video.

  17. maak says:

    good video

  18. xXBeastMatrixXx says:

    Thank you man I’ve been thinking of how that works for a long time an you
    just helped me thank you so much 

  19. Lindsay Shapiro says:
  20. mrjohnny702 says:

    What is the meaning of life

  21. ndreamon says:

    This question came up to me when I was driving on the road. So I searched
    for an explanation and I found this amazing video. Great work!

  22. Jayden Perry says:

    you gay

  23. liquidiceyt says:

    Thank you for your video, this really explains how does cd writing works.
    Thumbs up!!

  24. shana meola says:

    This was a cool video, but can someone please explain to me how the little
    bumps can like make music? Like I know it has bumps and a spiral but how
    can the bumps make all the different noises for a song? How does it know
    the to make a piano noise or a guitar noise and stuff like that? how do the
    little bumps store all that data?

  25. Cal Peters says:

    I’m an older guy (that’s my son in the pic) who’s well educated (master’s
    degree) enough to know I don’t know everything (or even most things.) I do
    know enough to look for help when I have no clue how things work and I was
    sitting at my desk wehn out of the blue I wondered how information is
    written to/read from a compact disk. Within five seconds on Google I get to
    YouTube and this video. “Wump, der it iz.” 🙂

    I knew nothing about how CDs are made let alone how they reproduce sound.
    It’s great that someone so young has not only the knowledge to make this
    kind of video but to do so fluidly without pausing, constantly saying “um”
    or “you know” every other word while imparting the necessary information.
    It was clear, precise, and informative. Well done!

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