How Do Antiperspirants Work?

Every day, millions of people safeguard themselves against excessive sweat with a quick roll of antiperspirant. But what does this stuff do, exactly? Join HowStuffWorks as we answer engaging,…

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  1. BrainStuff - HowStuffWorks says:

    Millions of us use antiperspirant to smell good. But what does it do

  2. Butt Poopington says:

    Is it a coincidence that scishow posted a video answering the same question
    a couple days ago?

  3. Kathy P says:


  4. In10s says:

    I used to wear a deodorant back in HS and in College and as a sweaty guy i
    used to have this pit stains the turns my shirts pits into yellowish and
    its so annoying. I used to hear about Alum powder and its wonders but i was
    like “lol that thing could fuck up your skin right?” then i tried it and it
    and i was wrong, turns out it was better than all the deo’s that ive used.
    No odor and no Stain, yes it doesnt prevent sweats neither the deodorant
    products that i used to use. But it has no stains and no odor, i dont
    really give a shit about the sweat stains as long as it doesnt smell so
    yeah, i recommend alum. Now im not afraid to get close to people when im
    sweating, i dont have to worry about the smell and if you have a dark
    armpits it might help too.

  5. Suleman Miah says:


  6. awesomesonic159 says:

    I don’t use this stuff >:D And I sweat after 10 minutes of a walk!

  7. Video Québec says:

    did anyone else read “How Do Antidepressants” Work?
    Would like to see a video on that!

  8. Mantikore420 says:

    I stopped wearing any deodorants or antiperspirants a long time ago.. and
    if people ever smell anything coming from me, they think I smell good. Be
    the human animal you are and stop wearing them.. you’ll probably stink at
    first with your armpits and glands balancing back out, but it’ll eventually
    level off and if you just wash yourself right, maybe dust some baking soda
    up there when you go to bed, you’ll be fine.. and probably even more
    chemically attractive seeing as you’re not clogging the outlets for your

  9. David Simpson says:

    For some reason, even when i haven’t used bodyspray, i dont sweat when I’m
    doing exercise. But there is odour. There something wrong there?

  10. ceebee27sts says:

    I don’t think I am going to use antiperspirants anymore.

  11. Magic Tre says:

    “I believe the technical term is stank” 1:23

  12. FairyPrincessNyx says:

    I’ve always wondered this …
    and to think, I just bought a new thing … guess I’ll have to keep
    “stank”ing until it’s all used up. LOL

  13. BigBadBeef says:

    Antiperspirants have never worked on me.

  14. Stephen Mortimer says:

    Noo Nooooooooo !!! (I will not believe the vogelbaum EVER sweats!!)

  15. KnowledgePlaylists says:

    How Do Antiperspirants Work? | BrainStuff #LaurenVogelbaum Lauren Vogelbaum
    HowStuffWorks TestTube #BrainStuff | How Do Antiperspirants Work?

  16. Jeff Serrano says:

    I wish they would invent a pill that cools my body during the hot and humid
    Georgia summer so I wouldn’t sweat so much. I would happily give them my
    money and enjoy the outdoors all year long. 

  17. Mightytoon1 says:

    I still haven’t found an antiperspirant that works.

  18. cyan10101 says:

    Lauren, I love your hair. The black with the blue highlight works well for

  19. Blondy VS says:

    Ill risk the cancer 

  20. Suzanne Rose says:

    I think the technical term is stank….. LOL!!!!

  21. Rahul Saha says:

    but why do we stink??
    And skunk?? How they????

  22. huntinater6k says:

    Went to bed wondering why arm-pits smell, and woke up to this…

  23. Samuel Hodge says:

    Strangely enough, I seem to sweat more when using an antiperspirant as
    opposed to plain deodorant. I wonder if there’s some sort of reaction
    certain people have to it.

  24. Luis Arce says:

    I wish they made antiperspirant for your head D: it always gets in my eyes
    when I’m at work…

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