How can the NCAA help student- athletes that struggle to ma

Red Light Sports Ramble – episode 52.
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2 Responses

  1. Red Light Sports Network says:

    Being in Education for the past 20 years at some level, I agree 100% with
    you Buddy – the “everyday” student has access to the resources, but really
    no one to push them, guide them, help them – that leads to frustration,
    leads to them dropping out of school, and eventually defaulting on student
    loans. We could drink many beers and try to solve that problem but I think
    we would pass out before we made resolution. As always keep your comments
    coming – enjoy the day my friend. ^5’s

  2. Mark Buran says:

    Leaders lead….not all coaches are leaders. You were lucky to have one who
    could lead. My only question is what about help for all the non athletes
    who don’t have coaches? I had no study habits until my Junior year. I
    worked 50 hours a week plus took 18 credits. I was lucky I woke up! Or I’d
    be in the bar still.

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