How Blind People Cook Food Alone

Tommy Edison, who’s been blind since birth, shows us how a visually impaired person may cook a meal alone. In this example, Tommy cooks french fries and a hamburger. He uses a toaster oven…
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25 Responses

  1. Rob Scott says:

    You’re so awesome like you just pass on your happiness over an internet
    connection even :)

  2. TheSPunk3d says:

    More people should watch these videos.

    Idiots have this misconception that blind people have heightened senses and
    that your lack of eyesight is somehow balanced out by improved hearing,
    smell, and touch.

    This sort of idiotic thinking was brought about by Hollywood and other
    forms of media making blind people into superhuman bad asses.

    Seeing you fumble around in the kitchen and knocking shit around really
    spits in the face of that idea.

  3. Sam Nguyen says:

    So much bear O.o

  4. Faith L. says:

    Tommy actually seems like a pretty independent and happy guy so you don’t
    need to pity him.

  5. Yusif Carlos says:

    It’s great channel in youtube

  6. SPCOxion says:

    A drunk blind man cooking?
    This can’t go well.

  7. cekinxxx says:

    tommy, how do bind people keep in shape ?

  8. Wendy brown says:

    Hey tommy. You should do a video with the gal from my drunk kitchen. I
    think you would get on well together. Haha! Love your vids. You make me

  9. Jonh Snow says:

    I just love the way he`s always laughing and happy!

  10. Narwhale The Great says:

    bless your heart man. i wish i could be there to help.

  11. Frenk Vortice says:

    miracles can happen let us pray for him to let him receive vision. in the
    name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  12. Lucas Xavier dos Reis says:

    wtf I was with this song on my head for the whole day and I had never ever
    watched this video

  13. agathe plez says:

    Why did he write something on the ketchup bottle if he can’t read it ? Just

  14. Juicy Dangla says:

    this guy is hilarious, I subbed straight away.

  15. Lemz bgd says:

    I love this guy

  16. CyberLeaf says:

    You are really amazing I admire you, I like your sense of humor, I wish you
    the best. You just earned a Subscriber! :)

  17. Hexilux says:

    why do his fingers tremble?

  18. Wing Hang Li says:

    how a blind people find attractive about sex

  19. james schmee says:

    this blew my mind! amazing!

  20. Jonny Harding says:

    This guy is so funny

  21. noni rose says:

    يذكرني ب ابوي

    مدري ليش يكيت

  22. Joah Nugent says:

    Fuck me how much does he drink even if he wasn’t blind he wouldn’t be able
    to see 

  23. Paschal Curlin says:

    Isn’t there technology that allows blind people to see partially, like
    bionic eyes? Have you /would you ever do something like that?

  24. LamassuSound says:

    ketchup burger? mmmm

  25. etniko says:

    You are an awesome man and I salute you!
    By the way, have you heard Rachel Flowers play the piano? She is blind and
    she mastered the instrument.

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