Housekeeping Tips : How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors

Hard water stains that are commonly found on shower doors are best treated with lemon juice that can be applied to a sponge. Use a paste that consists of vinegar and baking soda to remove hard…
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25 Responses

  1. Steve Brule says:

    use bar keepers friend, thank me later.

  2. Luna Vega says:

    Leave the shower door open when you take a shower? Doesn’t that defeat the
    whole purpose of having a shower door?

  3. Moni Mota says:

    Can I use lime ?

  4. Irina Onufrieff says:

    It did’t work at all. Using a tooth brush to clean shower cubicle??!! You
    are kidding me!!! It amounts to two hours of hard labor every week!! I
    really don’t think so!!

  5. Emad Kamel says:

    What is the best Natural source as a water repellent, to avoid further
    water marks ?

  6. Courtney Sullivan says:

    She adds baking soda to vinegar. Which should tell you she doesn’t know
    what she’s doing, baking soda will neutralize the acid in the vinegar
    making the combination useless mush. It’s like saying grab some ice cubes
    and heat till room temp. What did you accomplish?? Dumb

  7. Jonathan Freeman says:

    Nope. Still there. 

  8. timothy mountain says:

    Thank you :)

  9. Ezio Auditore says:

    So hot

  10. Budabot EDM says:

    Because of you, now I have to clean the shower door.

  11. John Blake says:

    Hi Rachel. It would be great if you could share the recipe for the baking
    soda/vinegar paste. Thanks!

  12. Snodding Creative says:

    Thank you

  13. mosarizq says:

    even with Baking soda,not working

  14. Amanda P. says:

    Worked pretty good for me. Note: our shower has only had spots for about 2
    months, so the water hasn’t scratched the glass surface too badly yet.
    Cleaning took about an hour– I have 2 sides with glass, and some spots
    required a couple rounds of cleaning. From now on, I’m lining the glass
    with a shower curtain. 

  15. EWT says:

    One Video To Watch This Week

    Housekeeping Tips : How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors
    Housekeeping Tips : How to Remove Hard Water Stains on Glass Shower Doors

  16. kpdoheny says:

    This worked great!! I have very hard water, and the combo of these
    non-toxic solutions was awesome. I can see why it may not work as well for
    some people with a lot of build up and very badly stained glass, as I had
    that with an old shower door and when it gets to that point, virtually
    nothing will get it clean like new. So heres another good tip…the best
    thing to do after you thoroughly clean the glass and get it looking great
    is to use Rain-X. You can get it a Walmart, Target, etc.. I’ve been using
    it for about a year now. After you thoroughly clean your glass, put on the
    Rain-X according to the directions. You won’t have to clean your glass
    again for about a month!! The water beads up and just rolls off. And the
    tip about leaving your shower door open after showering is a good one.
    It’s so the air can circulate better and dry everything off from the
    glass. I do that after every shower, again with great results. 

  17. Fernando González Ruiz says:

    It did work for me! Tried multiple products, from cheap to expensive!
    Nothing worked!
    I just tried this simple formula and my shower doors look like never
    before!! thank you!!

  18. FRANKIE BANTA says:

    I often shit in the shower and shit gets all over the glass doors and I
    piss on the doors to get the shit stains off but it doesn’t help, do you
    have any tips to get out the stains? 

  19. NhuH Le says:

    This is a very good tip for cleaning. Thank you for helpful video :}

  20. MoJeeza Dmi says:

    will this mixture harm natural stone like marble/granite/travertine ?

  21. GreatWhiteNiko says:

    For everybody that has tried everything and nothing worked – wet sand with
    3000 grit sandpaper found in automotive stores. Works every time. Another
    way is to leave the acid (lemon, vinegar, but nothing stronger) on the
    glass overnight. How you do that in a vertical surface is your problem.
    It works very well too but the sanding does it all. Good luck.

  22. mosarizq says:

    this is not working.

  23. Irmina Sajdak says:

    It doesn’t work!!!

  24. Lucy-Ann Ramsay says:

    Sometimes the bad “build up” is actually “glass cancer”. The glass
    deteriorates after all of the harsh chemicals used on it in the past. It
    will look dirty all the time. Replacement of the glass seems to be the
    only solution.

  25. Quixote1818 says:

    Didn’t work hardly at all for me. Had really bad build up and scrubbed with
    your stuff for a half hour with minimal results and finally gave up. I
    tried a bunch of other things too that didn’t work. Finally, bought Tilex
    Daily Shower for the heck of it and was stunned that it actually works
    pretty good! I still have to scrub the crap out of it and it took a couple
    of hours but got the whole dam shower completely cleaned! Thought I was
    going to have to buy new windows but the Tilex saved my ass!

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