Honda History / How to Park a Bike – SR10

Few topics. I’m not as talkative anymore. Honda actually split into two companies. Kymco and Sanyang. Both are Taiwan brands now, but they used to be Honda.

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25 Responses

  1. Benjabee7 says:

    “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” Lol! Cartmen (or Cartman..whatever) said
    it too~

  2. William Brodie says:

    Yeah, I think its more a gimmick than protecting his identity, i mean Im
    sure I could work out where he lives as half of his vids are on the narrow
    suburban road with green fields on either side…

  3. svengalie says:

    Remember to subscribe? LMFAO

  4. Jared P says:

    its hard to pinpoint what makes one of your videos better than another, but
    this is a good one. :]

  5. dangledog says:

    Beautiful video of Taiwan! Ride Safe!

  6. boyjoyzee says:

    no the queens german

  7. 67kneil says:

    at least the kids had a bouncey ball when I see a ball bouncing in the
    street a kid is following it

  8. Klauka46 says:

    OMG…no way!!! Here in Hungary we use this sentence for riding a
    bike…not for… 😀 omg 😀


    ok some how i knew you was gonna go cartman on us lol.

  10. wispaintstyle says:

    I didn’t realize that about kymco. I’ll definitely go look at their
    scooters when its time to by then.

  11. hankandu says:

    yea i took your advice and i took my mom out and i crashed 🙁

  12. GutTheCut says:

    he’s a ninja, what do you expect

  13. welshukskater says:

    screw you guys ime going home hahaha thats from south park

  14. CrustyBiker says:

    Pffft! Yeah I tried to get my mum to go on the back of my old bike once, I
    managed to take her down the road to the 1st lamppost and back at very SLOW
    speed, and she did not like it at all, so that was the end of that! I
    learned that parking trick after parking downwards once and having to get a
    mate pull me backwards to get out of it, Now I plan every escape route
    before parking my heavy lump of steel….

  15. Darren Chen says:

    my mom wants me to sell the motorcycle. she urges me to agree EVERYDAY
    since I bought it. every time she starts talking about it, i just stare
    blankly at the wall or make my way out of the room. maybe she would
    understand if i gave her a ride on the back? ….nah! the motorcycle is
    worth a lifetime of nagging. hahaha

  16. betoski says:

    lol the mom joke made me laugh!

  17. assailant47 says:

    lol “i took my mom for a ride on my bike and we crashed she died” lol great
    vid mordeth keep em coming!

  18. brageritu says:

    ‘”well, umm… remember to subscribe” XD

  19. karatepirus says:

    Thats an unsual video to see on youtube. Very cool though 😀

  20. M13 says:

    ?, it’s a video blog. What do you expect?

  21. Mroach52 says:

    yeh holidays here they are all on duty, all on traffic patrol and pissed
    they have to work so look out.

  22. Eric W says:

    i like how you laugh at crashing and killing someones mom hahahaha awesome

  23. M13 says:

    they’re good, but not as good

  24. chonzla says:

    i miss my honda… if only i had a scooter to put my mom on the back 😛

  25. sparks444 says:

    I donated to him some while back, and got a whole series from Canada, and a
    film with childhood pictures etc. Was pretty moving. But the donation thing
    was just a last resort kind of thing because he was getting evicted from
    the country.

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