Home Workout #47: Total Body TRX HiiT

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. Sara Solomon says:

    Now LIVE: Home Workout #47: TRX Total Body HiiT!

    The TRX is perfect for home & hotel room workouts because it’s portable.
    You can even use it outside!

    Do the video workout with me NOW!
    –> http://www.drsarasolomon.com/trx-total-body-hiit/

  2. secondsunn says:

    Is it me or does she look just like Amy Winehouse?

  3. Thomas Tsai says:

    I love your…

    Cat!!!! =^.^=

  4. spicy tiger says:

    do you have to warm up before you start to do this exercise ? thank you

  5. kittikillpill says:

    2 questions & 1 comment: Does this TRx system work with any door and frame
    (kinda freaked out by the integrity of my doors) and how can I be certain
    I’ve attached it correctly? Most importantly, are you Canadian? I love that
    your kitty is in every shot. Thanks =^..^=

  6. Mikael Shipley says:

    I love crazy funny cute white girls! That are fit! Awesome tips from one
    trainer to the next! Keep up the good work moma!

  7. MKD3917 says:

    YES! Just what I was looking for! I have one just hanging around. Now I
    can use it!!

  8. Ana Meke says:

    @Sara Solomon you are so cool 🙂 I always skip the talking part of videos.
    Here I didnt :))

  9. FigureAthletes says:

    This chick is crazy but I kinda like her.

  10. Viet Khanh Do says:

    you are so funny! love it! subscribed:)

  11. GideonsSword777 says:

    Your kinda goofy, but cute :)

  12. delilaha says:

    LOL. Love you. You’re my kinda gal :)

  13. Ema Brunton says:

    my abs hurt from laughing! Thanks

  14. Moses Shelby says:

    Fun and effective ! Nice abs.

  15. MsSharkit says:

    Thanks for this video! I was just given a TRX, all I have as an attach
    point is a door and I was kinda clueless… :)

  16. D Goosby says:

    New fan. You’re hilarious and the trx workout was seriously awesome.

  17. Mark Shields says:

    I can’t do 1 legged squats after jump squats, to much lactic acid, so I do
    shoulders in between! 😉

    Sarah, when you walked the aminos close up, the definition in your abs
    really stood out on my 60″ HDTV. WOW, you look great!

  18. Psycho366 - RÉGI says:

    That cat is crazy :D

  19. Cass Andra says:

    You’re pretty awesome Sara…thank you!

  20. Pmedic605 says:

    Roll the waist of your sweatpants down just a little more so we can read
    your lips. 

  21. Ccrashh1 says:

    As long as you have a doorway and YOURE NOT ON THE
    MOON!!!…aaaHAHAHAH..you are so funny

  22. carlos hernandez says:

    you are and e man or woman????????? F…K…

  23. Tes T. Fernando says:

    thank you!!! now I know how to use TRX at home! your cat was soooo cute,
    working out with you too! LOL do more TRX, have a lovely day!

  24. MiaPiaValentina says:

    Glad to find you. And i think you r my kind of cray!! Good vibes ;-)

  25. Brian Wong says:

    I love yr physique miss. Ripped but feminine. I would recommend this video
    to my sisters so she could get her OWN damn trx instead of using mine lol.

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