Home remedies for morning sickness during pregnancy

Did you know that morning sickness occurs in at least 50% of pregnant woman?

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  1. santachorry says:

    But if you’re nauseous..how the hell are you supposed to eat a banana? If
    you feel sick you don’t want to eat anything!

  2. Matt Smith says:

    My mom is 8 months pregnant and lately was not feeling very well, can not
    sleep at night because of coughing that gives the evenings, this phlegm and
    decay. Last night was the hardest I have 15 and my dad is working so I had
    to look at 2:00 I started with a cough and some contractions, was tired and
    felt awful so I did not cost him I fall asleep, then started at 4:00 with
    very annoying phlegm in the throat and had sounds ugly in his chest, as I
    will take care of a plastic to Vote phlegm and spitting as her throat would
    not allow him to sleep, after a while he began to cough and he began to
    spit a lot of phlegm, one of the things I was scared me that my mom voted
    phlegm were bloody.
    And so I was up all night, at 5:00 am I started with nausea and vomiting
    were the only thing that threw up phlegm.
    My mom is with medicamemtos but have not taken effect, each day is worse at
    night and feels bad besides having strong contractions. WORRIES ME YOUR

  3. BioBands says:

    Morning sickness actually occurs in up to 90% of women, and it’s not always
    in the morning. Of course they should have also suggested BioBands to
    relieve morning sickness. 

  4. lalalababes42 says:

    thanks for the tips,my morning sickness occur everytime i wake up ,i did.my
    pregnancy test and it was positive.I also did my checkup to the doctor..my
    husband follows me to the hospital,he is really supportive

  5. T. Nychol Knisley says:

    Ginger root ginger root ginger root and mint mint mint! It works 3 cups a
    day one in morning afternoon and night. Lemon is great too with ur ginger
    root mint tea and honey for flavor.

  6. swatson1190 says:

    If you are prone to motion sickness you are almost assured to have it. Plus
    if your mom had it you will most likely have it. I have been craveing
    bananas but I still have morning sickness.

  7. Morning Sickness Info says:

    My husband saw your video and he really wanted to do everything you
    suggested. HAHAHA, he’s very worried about me since I started my morning
    sickness. Thanks for this!

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