Home built Langstroth style Honey Bee hives Part 1

Home built Langstroth style Honey Bee hives  Part 1

I’ve been asked about building the hives..In the following series, I’ll try. Building ANYTHING yourself, in my opinion, gives you a lot more confidence in yourself, makes understanding what…

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  1. dafrogtoad says:
  2. Trent Winston says:


    I’m a brand new BeeKeeper, and I don’t want to buy my Langstroth Hives. I
    agree with you. Building them myself has a variety of advantages. By the
    time I factor in the time spent buildinging the hives, the cost is nominal.
    The biggest advantage is the fact that I built the hives with my own two
    hands. I stayed home and did something useful that I can point to later.

    I have plenty of framing/construction experience, but you didn’t insult me
    by covering every detail. I’ve been out of the construction trade for a
    couple years. Maybe I forgot something. The upside is that I still have my
    saws and my tools.

  3. Mill Q says:

    Any concerns with pesticides/chemicals that are commonly sprayed on pallets
    in close proximity to the bees?

  4. wyattoneable says:

    My favorite times are while in my shop. Sometimes I’m not doing anything,
    but just being in my shop is good enough for me. Nice work gaining those
    pallets for wood. They actually look real nice.

  5. Pavlovafowl says:

    Nice project and great use of materials, my only quibble would be that I
    don’t think you need the plastic foundation. I believe you could save oil
    and money by leaving it out altogether and letting the bees build their
    own. Check out a few sites on the web and see what you think. I watch old
    Black and White films when I’m working!!! All the very best from Normandie,
    Pavlovafowl aka Sue

  6. M0D0C42 says:

    Looks like you’re going into mass-production mode. If there’s a rafter
    manufacturing business near-by, they toss out a ton of end cuts and don’t
    usually mind if you raid their scrap bins, (as long as you ask, first).
    Nice project. :)

  7. Sam Moir says:

    Hey man, where is the next vid? I love this!!!

  8. Low Buck says:

    very cool

  9. Wayne Meador says:

    Playing Catch-up….Where’d your paracord bracelet go!? lol I agree with
    you about making ANYTHING from ANYTHING! I love construction sights
    brother, I love being a scavenger…hahahahaha Great video, the only way to
    make a change is to change people’s mentality. Good video.

  10. Rhys31 says:

    I was at the local Home Depot the other day an bought a piece of 2x4x6′
    that was cut from another customers lumber for 50cents. Great way to get
    cheap lumber. :)

  11. 628DirtRooster says:

    You’ve been busy I see.

  12. AzPapaLes says:

    I hate teaser videos….lmao
    Take care

  13. BillGoudy says:

    Excellent project Toad!!

  14. krazy45cat says:

    I love oak palets they make great firewood . Can’t wait for the rest of the
    videos . Gerry

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