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Website::: http://www.skustyle.co.uk Dark Air Flow Screen Drying Rack from Sku Style DIY screen drying rack build inspired by Catspit Productions video “DIY Screen Drying Rack”. A big…

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12 Responses

  1. CatspitProductions says:

    Now that’s a well-built homemade screen drying rack. Wicked fans! That
    thing must dry screens in like 5 minutes…. LOL. Nice! Thanks for the
    shout out! I appreciate your support! Thanks for watching and leaving a
    comment! ☠

  2. RanarScreenPrinting says:

    very nice and well thought out in your design and build, good job

  3. CatspitProductions says:

    You’re welcome! I’m happy to hear you’ve been watching them. I appreciate
    that a lot. Nice to know you learned from them too 🙂 Good luck! ☠

  4. Edgar Morales says:

    That is great! Did you cut an exhaust at the other side of the heat mat for
    the air to go down? You should start to sell kits!

  5. Slick Customs says:

    Bad ASS!

  6. Allan Chuy says:

    Awesome Design! can sell in market

  7. 9NDA3 says:

    Seams like you dont need climatisation anymore.

  8. PulseMerch says:

    i made one just like this, you have to bypass something on the power
    supply. basically it tricks the power supply to think its connected to a
    mother board. just copy and paste this into the address bar with the
    youtube address in front of it and it shows you how to do it.

  9. niema74 says:

    Very nice job!

  10. Jones Lee says:

    Excellent. A job for me in the future!!

  11. SkuStyle says:

    My pleasure! Thanks for all your great videos, you’ve taught me enough to
    get going in screen printing & more. Now it’s time to learn by my own

  12. Stuart Wilde says:

    Hi there, Your drying rack looks excellent. I am also going to try and
    build one but I am struggling to get 36mm mdf pre cut. The thickest I can
    get pre cut is 25mm. Do you have a cutting list for 25mm by any chance?
    How’s the drying rack working out? Looks top. Can’t wait to get going and
    build one! Cheers Stu

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