Home – Blake Shelton & Michael Bublé [lyrics](live on Michael Bublé : Home for the Holidays 2012)

Home - Blake Shelton & Michael Bublé [lyrics](live on Michael Bublé : Home for the Holidays 2012)

This song is one of my favorite Christmas songs this year. Blake Shelton and Michael Bublé(Michael Buble) live performing their song “Home” on Michael Bublé : Home for the Holidays 2012….
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25 Responses

  1. Dorothy Drumont says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

  2. Joseph Cho says:

    #BlakeShelton #MichaelBuble 

  3. Cape Chick says:

    Heard this for the first time today. Awesome. 

  4. pipat noewprakorn says:

    vary good + 

  5. Man-D Sakizzie says:

    I heard this song Christmas eve driving to my apt from my friend Michael’s.
    I hate being so far away. :'( 

  6. TheGameCrasher: The Master Gamer says:

    This seems like a Blake Shelton song

  7. Sergio Lopez says:

    Let me go home… the home that i left my soul… the home where i’m born

  8. Susan Gordon says:
  9. Dwina Setyowati says:

    let me go home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so sweet

  10. Jea _4given says:

    Home – Blake Shelton & Michael Bublé [lyrics](liv…:

  11. Dotsie Cyriacks says:

    Home – Blake Shelton & Michael Bublé [lyrics](liv…:

  12. Sokheng Huy says:
  13. Moreyra Mathew says:

    I wanna go Home…I miss my home…

  14. Uncle Go-rilla says:

    Buble does not sound quite as heterosexual as Blake does.

  15. Terry Kutej says:

    When I watched this show 2 years ago I realized this is my favorite version
    of this song. Still brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it.

  16. Dotsie Cyriacks says:

    : )

  17. Ava Boland says:

    Happy Holidays everyone. I hope it is filled with blessings, joy and hope.,
    laughter, happiness, and love
    I truly hope you all make it home for the holidays in any form that you
    can, even if it is just a call.

  18. Hannah H says:
  19. Gemma Mulgada says:

    Great song and singer..Christmas is not complete if your far to your love
    one and family..

  20. Khoa Le says:

    ……………..Merry Christmas

  21. Charity lee says:

    my brother is in the miltiary my sister n i dedicated the original version
    to him but this is much better god bless 

  22. Gemma Mulgada says:
  23. Rinto Wung says:

    I always wish for a miracle when I hear this song
    I realize what I’ve lost for Christmas
    It opens my heart what is the meaning of Christmas
    And what is the meaning of family and togetherness in Christmas
    Thanks Lord for every change that I still have…

  24. Evelyn Hargett says:

    My partner is in Thailand for 2 years and this song makes me think of him.

  25. Therese van der Toolen says:

    Love it!

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