History Hacks | How to instruct history to avoid recording certain commands

Video by Network NUTS, shows how to customize and tune your history commands to be more intelligent and more adaptive. Learn how to view timestamp with history, how to instruct history to avoid…
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6 Responses

  1. 6Diego1Diego9 says:

    i love these vids!

  2. Dekel Amrani says:

    Can you show how I can manage one history for all terminal sessions? Thanks
    for great vids!!

  3. Vladimir Sanchez says:

    What’s your preferred Linux screencasting program and the one used for this

  4. niko gurzov says:

    @Hostos87 program to record desktop is “recordmydesktop” 13:55 14:00

  5. misk3o says:

    Hi Alok! I like your videos, you are doing great job.. keep working 😉
    just 2 questions.. is there any possibility to do it this way, there won’t
    be no HISTCONTROL command in the history? that would move this video into
    total perfection 😉 and another question.. I assume the answer, but I’ll
    try.. can I somehow find out the time stamp for the commands which were
    executed before I set HISTTIMEFORMAT? thanks! 😉

  6. Sachin Jain says:

    Very useful tips and tricks, very-2 thankful to Alok Sir. One thing that I
    would like to say Alok Sir your voice very enthusiast, I really like to

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