High Voltage Fun with Science – Experiment in Electromagnetism

Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/RamblinAroundTV I thought you guys might find this interesting. It’s just a fun little experiment or demonstration that you…
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  1. RamblinAround says:

    +crzysoxalex13 As long as the wires are hooked up exactly as they are in
    the video, the cans can be positioned anywhere you want. It’s perfectly
    fine if you set them on the table.


    I had a doubt. When the cans are a bit distant then the tab doesnt get
    attracted to one can and simultaneously to another, but when the distance
    between them is reduced, the tab starts its activity. Why is that so? 

  3. Dio Ivanov says:

    Going to build that, and turn off the house power supply in the middle of

  4. sai manikanta says:


  5. g law says:

    You should have jumped and screamed when you connected the foil.

  6. Michael Charette says:

    That was too cool. Yeah kind interesting how the aluminum tab was attracted
    to the yet still aluminum can. Makes me wonder if the tab had a positive
    charge in the first place and then conducted a high voltage negative charge
    and what we’re actually seeing is the discharge fluctuations pulling the
    tab back and forth. .. Idk. Sure was cool to see. Thanks for posting. 

  7. zer0dahero says:

    Very nice example of capacitance.

  8. W & S Electric Inc says:

    #HighVoltage Fun with Science – Experiment in #Electromagnetism

  9. chethan nayak says:

    Man frm wr yo got tis idea…. Neva seen before….

  10. Michael Adama says:


  11. Jeffrey Haun says:

    It’s like old Ben Franklin’s lightning detector.

  12. Michael Adama says:


  13. Dana Forcione says:

    how do you do that

  14. Aastha Mour says:

    Does it work?

  15. Dhananjoy Basumatary says:

    High Voltage………..?

  16. samspace81 says:

    You guys are a couple of mad scientists! Strange I’ve never watched this
    one before. Nice post!

  17. noilex says:

    Interesting setup you’ve got there. I wonder if the back and forth movement
    is caused by the rapid charging and discharging of the actual plastic pen:
    when the little aluminum clip makes contact with either coke can, part of
    the charge is picked up by the aluminum clip and stored in the plastic of
    the pen through the thread. The clip is then attracted to the opposite
    potential (the can connected to your body) where it looses it’s charge, and
    the cycle repeats. Anybody has a better explanation?

  18. Mark Dixon says:

    That is really cool.

  19. AddColorsToYourLife says:

    I’m an electrical engineer and deal with component level electronics and
    all that stuff but i couldn’t help but laugh at myself for how cool i
    thought this was. Sure making a self balancing controller and algorithm
    thing is cool but man, 2 cans, a pen, string, some wire and foil turning
    into a cowbell made me laugh like a school girl. Yea they mention this in
    chem and electrostatics but to actually see electrons moving a pop-top is
    way cooler. I don’t need an Arduino when i got my CRT.

  20. Jemar June Gabisan says:

    the TV is really needed?

  21. The Freaky Honeydew says:

    it taken me 32 mins and 30 seconds so watch thin cus of the awefull wifi

  22. kaejolie says:

    Question: Why are the residual electrons left on the screen have high
    voltage, but low current?

  23. Rajesh Sethi says:

    We have been trying for last 2 days with a CRT monitor(17 inches)
    But it does not seam to work. Please help us as my son needs it for his
    school fest.

  24. Andrew Fagan says:

    I did this experiment today and it worked! I’m an electrical/electronic
    hobbyist and build valve and transistor radios

  25. prabhjeet singh says:

    can you please tell me …whats the fact,reason behind this

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