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One of the stars of the upcoming DC film BATMAN V SUPERMAN, Henry Cavill, we recently asked if the new film could be considered a MAN OF STEEL sequel. Cavill said the following: “I wouldn’t…

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25 Responses

  1. FernandoP1 - Art Zone Productions says:

    Are they going to touch issues of man of steel in this movie? If is not a
    sequel, are they going to talk about the previous destruction of the city
    of the man of steel in this movie? About Zod or any related issues?

  2. dragonz46 says:

    It’s just i specifically remember snyder saying “this is the superman

  3. LazyBazooka says:

    I just hope WB actually goes through and makes another Superman movie at
    some point.

  4. Joey Henderson says:

    I like Henry’s comments and I’m glad that they’re going to wait to do a
    Superman sequel later on. I like Man of Steel, but a Batman vs. Superman
    movie has been something I’ve wanted ever since I was a little kid and I’m
    sure that they’ll do a Man of Steel sequel later on down the road.

  5. Shade Draws says:

    It’s technically a sequel, but not to Man of Steel. It’s a continuation of
    the ongoing DCCU story, like in the comics.

  6. Hev Bee says:

    Perfect comments from a perfect man.

  7. ARISTADOE The Rebel God says:

    Of course the Avengers was not a Captain America sequel, Cap, Iron Man,
    Thor movies etc.. were extensions which build on to the Avengers.

    Now a continuation from the aftermath of the Man of steel, as it was shown
    on the trailer, makes it a sequel no matter how you cut it; it just so
    happens that Bat wants to test Superman’s blood type. A sequel within a
    sequel maybe? lol

    A sequel does not have to be based on 1 hero vs. villain; it’s just a
    continuation of the Man of steels journey and what he will face along the

  8. Azure Saiyan says:

    Now people should direct these complaints to Captain America Civil War.
    Because that is a genuine Cap sequel, and it is cramming Ironman,
    Spiderman, Black Panther, etc.

  9. Cameron Babb says:

    Still don’t like the title. Have a versus in the title is so lame, I
    wouldn’t have minded just Dawn Of Justice, it’s all about marketing though.
    Batman V Superman is self explanatory, my 70 year old grand mother knows
    what the movie is just from the title. Still dumb though.

  10. devilstoysuk2 says:

    Seeing Age Of Ultron tomorrow! :)

  11. clue104 says:

    0:53 justice league is not a thor sequel? when was thor ever involved in
    the justice league? hahahaha.

  12. Pj Thapa says:

    This movie will be EPIC !!!

  13. Aravindha Seneviratne says:

    The reason there was so much confusion was that it was announced as a Man
    of Steel 2. When Snyder got on stage two years he said “we are going to
    make another Superman movie”, and the press release stated it as a Man of
    Steel. And to all the +AMC Theatres crew, in your reaction video to the
    announcement of BvS and Age of Ultron, John did say and I quote “this is
    all the context of Superman 2”. I’ve seen that video a few times to
    remember the line. So the film was presented to us as being Superman with
    Batman in it, but then ultimately shifted into Dawn of Justice, which isn’t
    a bad thing.

  14. Noctis Altura says:

    I hope theres an after credits scene showing the suicide squad or more
    justice league members. Heard Aquaman is appearing the movie so that pretty
    hype too.

  15. tim says:

    They planned it as a Man of Steel sequel and they were going to either
    bring in Batman or Wonder Woman. Once they chose to bring in Batman and
    started writing it, they realized it had to be split down the middle. They
    they realized Wonder Woman being in it and rounding out the Trinity would
    be amazing and added her. You can’t have a Dawn of Justice without the Big
    Three. The rest will most likely be cameos. It is still a sequel, just not
    a Superman movie. The story picks up right where MoS left off. Everything
    that happens in BvS is because of MoS.

  16. Philip Ingrouille says:

    It would be an amazing idea if for every new character of the Justice
    League brought into the DC cinematic universe, the previous characters who
    had THEIR movies appeared, but it would be focused more on that character,
    with all the other people in the background, showing how they would handle
    the villain.

    Like with Batman v Superman, it’s dealing more with Batman that it is with
    Superman, Superman’s still in it but it’s focusing more on Batman than

    Could be the same with Wonder Woman, BM and SM would still be in her movie,
    but it would focus more heavily on her. Give us even more character
    development for the minor characters in every movie following up to justice
    league. Don’t have to do it just like the MCU.

  17. TheGeeksWon says:

    expanding upon the universe which was kicked off by Man of Steel. There was
    a company that built their cinematic universe on a foundation of sand and
    shit, then one day the rains came. The others in the Avengers tower looked
    down upon the company and laffed and laffed.

  18. Sjono says:

    Are people afraid of what Superman represents specifically or just his
    powers? Because the other members of the Justice League can be considered
    just as much of a threat, just look at Injustice and Flashpoint for proof

  19. Chris Sparkz says:

    Dawn of Justice should be the title. It’s so much better

  20. Will Lidden says:

    I’ve seen Age of Ultron wooohooooo!!!!

  21. AngryGoats555 says:

    WHOA THERE JOHN!! In the BvS announcement vid, you said, and I quote,
    “…this will be in the context of Man of Steel 2…”

  22. Curtis Hardman says:

    Batshiv for the win.

  23. DohGodFilms123 says:

    Lol “you shut up, you don’t tell superman to shut up…”

  24. sexyvita88 says:

    what i came to realize is that people like Kristan ,doesn’t know that
    SUPERMAN isn’t real, he’s freaking a comicbook character.which mean FAKE,so
    calm the fuck down telling Mark not to tell Superman to shut-up,,,

  25. Timetoletgo100 says:

    Zack Snyder said it was a man of steel sequel in the first place…thats
    where the confusion comes from. And no, batman doesn’t get to kill superman

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