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Order “Appointments with Heaven, Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations & Life After Death” (2 Books & DVD) by Dr. Reggie Anderson: http://bit.ly/1mpVHYJ This week on Sid Roth’s It’s …

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  1. Lone Puma says:



  2. Simply Amazing says:

    I can’t wait till I see my lord and savior

  3. kimberly hughes says:

    Before the life went out of my sister for 2 days her face glowed. I even
    asked the Hospice nurse have you ever seen someone face glow like this she
    said no. My friend and my son and I were in the room with her and I told
    her who was with her and she stopped breathing.(Earlier in the day the room
    was filled with about 20 family members) Her eyes opened up and I said go
    home my love I will see you on the other side. I saw and felt the life go
    out of her I also felt so much peace and love surround me it is
    Indescribable. When we went to the family viewing at the Funeral home the
    Director said that the only makeup they put on her was a little pink
    lipstick. Her face was still glowing. The power of God is amazing also,
    every dream I have about her she is always dressed in a long beautiful
    white robe. God’s peace to you all.

  4. roar5952 says:

    Does the scriptures tell you idiots to use wisdom……..?

    Or does it say you with your faith can command the supernatural….


    Or witch craft……………?

    One is of the seen………

    The other the unseen……….

    And being tho your faith can not command the supernatural..

    Then I ask would you not be wise to see the unseen….That is wisdom of the

    One is of this world……The seen of a world of darkness..

    The other unseen unheard by you the flesh the witness of a world of

    You this darkness you have been separated from the light of God……….

    Now you must awaken and see what is not revealed by the light of the
    vibrations of this world of darkness…

    The spirit unseen the light of God himself the light of Paradise….

  5. Susanna Jacobi says:

    What a wonderful message!! I’m happy to meet Jesus one day!!

  6. Krishnarajendra Karanth N says:

    amazing episode…our life here is just a dream compared to the eternal
    life which is real

  7. Myron Buzzwannanots says:

    While Sid is selling “donations”, I wonder how much he GIVES to those in
    need. This is the worst kind of shikanery. Sid should be ashamed of himself
    taking the gullible public’s hard earned money to enrich himself.

  8. Axel Schultz says:

    he lost me at 8:20 “practicing atheist” lol what was he practicing exactly?
    medicine? Never heard of an practicing atheist, wow.

  9. Heather Chaney says:

    makes me cry…ah i long to be with my Jesus so much… 

  10. Wellch says:

    thank you for the closed captioned features

  11. Victor John Fleener says:

    Heaven Appointments | Dr. Reggie Anderson | It’s …:

  12. Daniel Roman says:

    Sid Roth can be annoying sometimes. My goodness. I wish he would stop
    interrupting people while they are giving THEIR story. 

  13. Abby Jones says:

    Looking forward to HEAVEN and seeing Jesus…

  14. truthnomatter says:

    So very encouraging. You can sense this man’s truthfulness. People, please
    don’t miss out on the indescribable free love gift Jesus holds out to you.
    Totally free (just believe and speak it), totally freeing.

  15. kmail22222 says:

    To “Pianoman4JesusChrist” ——–
    The Lord who made heaven and earth says do not touch His annointed ones.
    Who are you to speak of Sid Roth is these ways you have posted? Why don’t
    you go to the Lord Jesus and speak of these things about Sid Roth which you
    have posted? Why not ask the Lord to help you to more of the right paths,
    right tongue flapping, right ways, His ways.
    (The tongue is set on fire by hell ——– James, Chapter 3).

  16. MusicMan2013 says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  17. Lisa C says:

    Ever since i was a little girl, I’ve been interested in Heaven. My mom gave
    me a children’s book entitled What is Heaven Like and I was so fascinated
    with it. It didn’t answer all of my questions but I loved reading it.
    Hearing that God had those victims in His arms b4 they passed gave me
    comfort. I too have often asked why terrible horrific things happen to good
    Christian people. We sometimes think “Did God fail in protecting them?” We
    need to believe, have faith and trust in God and His Word and NOT lean on
    our own understanding of things. He said He would NEVER leave us nor
    forsake us. Knowing that everyone who has been to Heaven and back don’t
    want to leave it, and dont seem to care how they got there, gives me peace.
    When we see Jesus, nothing else matters anymore. Thank you for this
    program. I’m going to save it and watch it again and share it with others.

  18. Simon Loh says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. Kaltrina Nika says:

    Woww Love the story. Glory be to God <3



  21. American Patriot Forever says:

    How do you guys suppose the UFO lie can have anything to do with Satan and
    the Fallen Angels? I have always had a problem with this dilemma. Satan –
    horns, wings, supernatural and grotesque looking. All b.s. Aliens – high
    tech, and flying craft. How do the 2 characteristics and entities jibe? We
    have been misguided by what we believe Satan and the Fallen Angels are. The
    Evil One and his cohorts are older than time itself. In Job, God Himself
    states that the Angels were present when the universe was created. If the
    universe is approximately 14 billion years old, and now the scientists are
    saying it’s more than likely at least 10 times that, than Satan is really a
    very highly technologically knowledgeable being. What we have achieved in
    100 years is amazing, at least to us. Ha ha. Imagine beings with at least
    14 billion years of knowledge?! They aren’t supernatural brings. There is a
    scientific explanation for EVERYTHING. Even those things that may seem
    supernatural. It’s simply a science we aren’t even close to comprehending.
    God creates and does EVERYTHING via the paintbrush we refer to as science.
    Whether it be human biology, marine biology, giology, and whatever types of
    scientific categories there are. We are a special creation that God
    apparently holds very, very dear to His heart. Yes, the Earth WAS NOT
    created 6,000 to 8,000 years ago but we were. We are the new kids on the
    block. In the Book of Revelation, it states all mankind will stand before
    the Throne of His Majesty, the Lord Jesus Christ. It also states at that
    time people will see Satan as well, standing before the Throne. They say to
    each other, ‘Is this the man [Satan] who has deceived the nations?’, as if
    in shock as to Satan’s appearance. That being noted, I believe Satan is a
    physically weak and pathetic little man but absolutely brilliant and
    advanced technologically where to our ancients may have seemed to be A god
    and frankly way more powerful than mankind.

  22. 110% Spirit Born Israel (YHWH Official) says:

    Not only are his gifts not biblical, but he doesnt heal the sick or raise
    the dead. What do you tell the families of people who you ‘see go to hell’
    mr. Anderson?? Im sure u dont tell them that, because that would seriously
    hamper you financially due to all the lawsuits you’d have against you. Plus
    you’d get fired and your gift would cease to exist, because you wouldnt
    have any more dead bodies to gawk over..

  23. MsChriztine says:

    I dont think the graphic images of the murders were necessary to show….

  24. xkellyan67tsx says:

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