Heart – The Road Home (1995) Full concert

The copyright belongs to EMI, this it’s just to share good music Tracklist 1. – River 2. – Dog and Butterfly 3. – (up on) Cherry Blossom Road 4. – Back to Avalon 5. – Alone 6. – These Dreams…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. CherokeeApache Irish says:

    I just have to say it! Fuck all you wanna-be auto-tuned pop so-called
    stars. Heart is about “Real” lyrical talent and “Real” musical talent!

  2. maria victoria Lembeye says:

    Ann Wilson, una de las más grandes voces de Rock!

  3. AmericanIsraeliJew says:

    The losers get down on Ann because of her weight, but nobody and I mean
    nobody should ever criticize
    her as a musician because her talent with her voice and instrument play has
    earned her a place in the hearts of all true Rockers. But his name was
    Puller not Morgan, Chesty Burwell Puller, General USMC

  4. Lisa Sarubbi says:

    Some times gifts from the Gods ARE recognized……..

  5. flemingcourt . says:

    Heart cut their teeth in Vancouver and played Oil Can Harry’s A LOT! The
    place was noisy all the time while bands came and went off the stage… But
    then there was HEART. Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened.

  6. ribettefan says:

    44 thumbs down? SMH!!!! This is such a gift to my ears right now. Thanks
    for sharing it!!

  7. Volker Becker says:

    First time, I listened to a concert of Heart must have been in the late
    seventies. I never forgot Ann’s voice! And it still is a great one, isn’t

  8. Tina R says:

    This just makes my Christmas. Thank you so much. If this is what they
    play in their living room and it includes “Dream of The Archer” and
    “River”…then I am in heaven.
    what a gift to see and hear this for the first time

  9. stillerfan69 says:

    yes it is “just good music” thank you shagarht

  10. Charles Little says:

    I wish they would have included love alive on the soundtrack because it is
    a killer version

  11. Christopher Chambers says:

    They performed this show at the closing of The Backstage in Ballard; one of
    the best venues in Seattle. The Moore is second. ;-)

  12. twissted says:

    Awesome! It is a fix for my Led Zeppelin blues. Heart has always been hall
    of fame to me! 

  13. AudioEclectic says:

    Ann Wilson, that Voice is pure sonic bliss one of my FAVORITE vocalists,
    PERIOD!!! , regardless of Male,Female or Genre…. without question one of
    the best “Set of Pipes” in the industry… A true Pro and TOTAL CLass.
    Gurl, it makes you WAY WAY beyond Sex!! Looks have an expiry date but Ohhh
    My My that Voice has been Stellar my entire Life… You Transcend… thanks
    for making the Music that at times pulled me through some pretty dark crazy
    and hard times and was there for some of the best as well. I still have the
    8 Tracks I sort of borrowed on a permanent basis from my big sister. She
    became a fan after leaving to go to university and seeing you at the, April
    WIne & Heart Concert, at Western University, London, Ontario 1976…. When
    she came back that summer her 9 year old little brother was an instant FAN.

  14. Yesaya Siregar says:

    Happy 61st birthday to Nancy Wilson!

  15. Paul Weatherby says:

    She went crazy on the Haagen Dazs ice cream. 

  16. jorge ricardo gallardo martinez says:

    extraordinario amazing

  17. Larry Burwell says:

    I saw this when it was on mtv. annie and nancy are so talented musicians.
    best of the best. love to heart them thanks for posting this

  18. Eric Spruill-Jenkins says:

    They haven’t lost anything. Still amazing!

  19. Dan Daman says:

    As they said, take them as they are! I have no complaints! either close
    your eyes or scroll down. More sweet music for me!!!!

  20. tamra assu says:

    jaitant revue detoi

  21. GORN says:

    Sometimes, chicks can be bad-assed!

  22. Rodger Ashton-Smith says:

    They are great together after all the earlier rubbish and good times. A
    very good performance at the Lincoln Center for Led Zeppelin Honours.

  23. Latem says:

    Greatest Voice In the World

  24. sandrine f says:


  25. Donald Rabjohn says:

    I <3 HEART!
    Ann and Nancy Wilson Rule the Rock Kingdom from their Golden Throne.
    Nothing but pure awesomeness coming from these two. i didn't get it as a
    younger person, but I do now! I grew up with Led Zeppelin which they
    channel and cover without any trouble at all. 

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