HEALTHY Vegan Breakfast: What I Eat In A Day

This video covers what I typically eat for breakfast on a healthy vegan diet. My AMAZING Vegan Weight Loss Results Before And After: 11 Day Detox Cleanse: http://fitbananachi…

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2 Responses

  1. Chinna Udoji says:

    Hi April, I have been looking at your instagram pictures and they are
    lovely. I would like to know how to prepare many of the meals that you have
    prepared and shown on it. So, Question: How do you marinate kale? What
    ingredients do you use to marinate the kale in this recipe: (Marinated kale
    and chickpea salad) and other recipes? And please share how to make your
    Simple green salad romaine nori celery dressing with dill tahini lemon
    juice? Also how to make your Blueberry coconut chia pudding? How do you
    make nut milks? Like almond milk and cashew nut milks? Also how to make the
    Rice milk? Tunaless wraps? Please make a you-tube video to show. Thanks!

  2. Isaac Martinez says:

    what machine is that?

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