Healthy School Lunches && Snacks! {Gluten-Free, Clean Eating}

LIKE this video if YOU like food! 😀 ❤Yay! Finally a healthy back to school lunches video that isn’t all 100 calorie snack packs! All of these meals are going to help keep you full through…

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25 Responses

  1. Naomi Montes says:

    I have all of those containers lol what a coincidence. Except mine are
    clear and have purple or pink handles and I got them at World Market.
    Anyway… I love the recipes. I’m going to try them out. On the rice cakes
    I usually put some peanut butter and bananas on top, if you want to try
    something new I suggest it. It’s SO good! 

  2. HeyItzCho says:

    Lol people are going to be looking at me weird when they see me eating tuna
    off of a lettuce XD

  3. Line Broe says:

    great video 🙂 (i dont get what people mean about your voice?) anyway just
    be carefull not to eat too much tuna since it is a big fisha and thereby
    contains more mercury than smaller fish. i would say eat tuna a few times a
    week. you can eat smaller fish like samlon as offen as you wish (without
    any dangers of mercury-poisoning) – all the best 😉 

  4. Jordan Schwartzle says:

    Only thing that is unhealthy is the fat free dressing and yogurt. Making
    your own dressing is the better choice.

  5. anissa jones says:

    Omgf I have that same exact container in that same exact color

  6. Savannah CG says:

    Your voice is so annoying oh my gosh

  7. Quiana McLaughlin says:

    Great ideas and awesome containers, too!

  8. Eden Cohen says:

    I just got the same container today for you

  9. Red Deer says:

    Sounds good.
    Besides the fact that your voice sounds like all of the American prep girls
    making lunchbox videos on youtube (and for some strange reason people don’t
    get pissy at their voices) I actually enjoyed this video. Most of the
    lunches they make sound just as good as yours but I find them almost
    impossible to watch because of the odd way they act.
    You on the other hand acted in an intelligent manner and didn’t fill the
    video with endless poses of yourself to pop songs. I find that marginally
    obnoxious and unnecessarily when it comes to food videos, so I really
    appreciate the gesture.

  10. Shanna Collins says:

    These are great ideas! I will try these!

  11. Eden Cohen says:

    O I have a fork and a stiff in the one I have

  12. Emme Schaffer says:

    No one eats their food like that…?

  13. Janna Basma says:

    I am srry but I just HATE.. JUST HATE COTTAGE CHEESE I JUST HATE IT! But if
    u like it I dunnot really mind cuz who am I to tell u what to eat that is
    just my opinion.

  14. Carolina Daltton says:

    where you buy that pink container? i want one

  15. Joanie Beaver says:

    U have unequal eyebrows….

  16. Kristenn Nelsonn says:

    Stop talking like that Ugh. It ruined the whole video. Your not a tiny
    preppy cheerleader.. stahp

  17. Breanne Blaquiere says:

    I’m not allowed tuna at my school so I can’t do this could I do a different

  18. Ingrid Romo says:

    I like your video

  19. Mia Nabil says:

    You look like you’re 80 yrs old! You still go to

  20. Addison Dejesus says:

    Love cherries

  21. Jose Arskog says:

    Really random but OMG! i love your voice :D

  22. Naomi Cordero says:

    I would do the cucumber wrap thing and add tuna with a little garlic and a
    little peper

  23. Elizabeth Taber says:

    Omg this video is amazing, so gonna try all of it!!!

  24. MacBabe 1021 says:

    ILY (lol)

  25. Louchy Leriche says:

    I hate boil eggs and tuna

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