Healthy School Breakfast & Snack Ideas

Healthy breakfast and snack ideas – all nutritious, easy, and fast! Try Love With Food Free {+ Shipping} – ♡ Instagram:…
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  1. Fashion by Ally says:

    Get healthy with me! Here are a few quick breakfast and snacks I enjoy
    eating! Give it a try and snap me a photo! Hope you had a wonderful
    Mother’s Day 🙂

  2. Judith Pol says:

    The Love With Food only ships to US 🙁 Sucks… All of these subscription
    boxes are only in the US, seems like, we, European people are completely
    forgotten (Cmon, Asians and Africans has some really cool stuff already.. )

  3. Fashion by Ally says:

    Twitter Follow spree!! Tweet me your fashion or diet questions NOW! +

  4. ♡ l e x x y says:

    Watching this while eating pizza.

  5. Sylvia Beautycakez says:

    NOM! thank you for sharing! :)

  6. Eva Chung says:

    Your skin is glowing Ally! Gorgeous! :)

  7. Lexie O says:

    Yay! Starting to eat healthier and this video is great!

  8. Fam & Lily says:

    Hi Everyone! We also made a video on a really cool snack idea, we just
    started youtube! Would be great if you could check out our videos! xx

  9. xDeydeyxtartelette says:

    I don’t know how people can skip breakfast! I get so hungry in the morning,
    if I don’t eat before going to school I might hit someone haha!

  10. hala mhamad says:

    Whats the smaller smoothie blender called really want one?

  11. siham chahid says:


  12. Ella Desilos says:

    I’m eating Nutella right now..

  13. Mai Gi says:

    I love drinking smoothies in the morning as my breakfast becuase it keeps
    me full! My three favorites are the Glowing Green Smoothie by Vitamix, the
    Green Smoothie Recipe and the Smoothie Recipe by BenjiManTV. It’s so
    refreshing, and the good thing is that all three of them are here on
    YouTube! 😀 

  14. Glitterlover says:

    Something that is similer to love with food is nature box

  15. chaiamcovers song says:

    so helpful :)

  16. Vivian says:

    I drink this nutrition shake called Neolife shake. All you have to do is
    add like about 2 scoops of it and add a cup of water. The vanilla flavor
    tastes really good and it helps you lose or gain weight.

  17. kristen thomas says:

    Please do more morning breakfast videos they rock !!!!

  18. seweasyplease says:

    smoothies are one of my favourite breakfast items when I’m on the run!

  19. Dasmusic116 says:

    I love your red hair Ally! You are so beautiful and glowy! I hope you are
    having a wonderful summer!

  20. Healthy Life says:

    Nice that you show people how to stay healthy – same my channel does!

  21. missRageenaxo says:

    I always eat breakfast and it’s usually oatmeal with a banana or a green
    smoothie 🙂 Great video! 

  22. Nicole Angeline says:

    I have to agree when I skip breakfast I always feel tired which is no fun.
    Fruit smoothies are the best to drink in the morning! They really give me a
    lot of energy without having to drink coffee. I feel like I need to make a
    yummy smoothie now :)

  23. Cecilia Adu-mensah says:

    You seriously dont even know how much i love these type of videos. I love
    this PLEASE!! make more videos i will apprrciate it <3 

  24. Ohna Quiambao says:

    Hi Guys! Please excuse me for posting here. I just started a beauty channel
    hoping you can check out my first video! Here’s a link to the video!
    Thanks a lot! 😀 

  25. Julieza Bee says:

    Hi girl! really love this video thank you for these recipes, I’ve been
    looking for some!! 🙂 also do you workout by chance?

    p.s. Really love your videos!!! :)))

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