Healthy Recipes for Dinner – for the full recipe In healthy recipes for dinner, Donna share’s her favorite healthy dinner recipe and she will also…
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25 Responses

  1. Richard Vig says:

    That looked so good, will make this…nice channel!

  2. Pamela Soshkin says:

    I can’t wait to make this recipe! Thanks for sharing

  3. Women's Health Community says:

    woow, grat recipe!! Love it!

  4. Kristina Prior says:
  5. Hisdncr says:

    Love this. Thanks for posting! 

  6. Good Healthy Recipes says:

    Looks yummy

  7. Be Healthy Be Happy says:

    yum looks good

  8. Frizzy Chrissy says:

    Wow u looks so healthy! Nice dish x

  9. City Bistros "Culinary UnCorked" says:
  10. Rob Kornblum says:

    This looks yummy, although 5 whole eggs and olive oil make me wonder a bit
    how healthy it is.

  11. veronica calise says:

    what is this called 

  12. Alicia Hackworth says:

    What could you replace the cheese with if you are not allowed to eat diary?

  13. Sophie Pendleton says:

    I’m gonna try and make this for my mum 🙂

  14. kukishop says:

    looks yummy 🙂 thanks for sharing

  15. DonnaAndTora says:

    Hey rawlyly Glad you love healthy cooking too, will check out your videos

  16. DonnaAndTora says:

    Hey Liban Its still my favorite bake, hope you have tried it D

  17. misscaitlynmar says:

    -3- No voice? Well this doesn’t help at all..

  18. Omar Fash says:

    Check out my videos for good recipes 😀

  19. DonnaAndTora says:

    Hi there, Thank you and I’m a kiwi (from New Zealand) with an Aussy twang

  20. DonnaAndTora says:

    Hey there I’m form New Zealand and Australia so I have a mixed accent, glad
    you love it, thank you

  21. DonnaAndTora says:

    Thank you hospital cakewalk, I love this veggie bake, hope you do too!

  22. mindy watkins says:

    This looks interesting. I will definitely try this. Thank you!

  23. DonnaAndTora says:

    great, hope you have fun! Donna

  24. Mozammel Shabuj says:

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  25. angelarennea00 says:


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