Healthy Lunch Ideas for School ♡ Quick and Easy

Here are some healthy lunch ideas for school!! LET’S GET THIS VIDEO TO 15000 LIKES!!! 🙂 Healthy Breakfast: Healthy Snacks: Healthy Dessert: http://bit…
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23 Responses

  1. AlishaMarie says:

    Cause who doesn’t love food right?? hahaha <33

  2. BoBo F says:

    Food bby 😉 

  3. Nyeinaye499 says:

    Like if your watching in 2015

  4. hannahkay11 says:

    I love your healthy food videos! I recently have started eating healthy and
    they have literally saved me from giving up. Going to the store tonight to
    get stuff for the burrito bowl. Looks so good! Please do more of these.

  5. kittkatt terroe says:

    Shoutout to anyone watching this in 2015

  6. Marina Esteban says:

    more videos like these aaaaaaaaaaaah <3333

  7. Mariella Jade says:

    Tried chipotle bowl and honey Dijon salad today and I’d say they were
    totally Instagram worthy and were so good and filling too

  8. Tatiana Brewster says:

    Is ranch healthy

  9. Camile Rocio says:

    oh my God i loved this video :O

  10. keba bantu says:

    Love your first idea but I hate spinach.

  11. yumin haleem mohamed says:

    Ok, I need serious help. Anything with the word *healthy* in it makes me
    want to throw up. I want to be healthy, but I can’t stand veggies or
    fruits. *HELP ME!!!!*

  12. Raj Subba says:

    What’s the title of the song at the first of the video

  13. Jackie Beaulieu says:

    Ain’t no body got time for that

  14. Mintbaby24 says:

    so proud of ALISHA <3

  15. Michellee Vassell says:

    i love watching your food videos, keep doing more!

  16. MadMay says:

    Can I cook my beans to put on the chipotle bowl?

  17. sofia mik says:

    Food bby!!!! ♥

  18. Lali : / says:

    food baby

  19. Jessica Wilson says:

    +AlishaMarie I love your vids, especially the healthy food ideas. I’m not
    in school anymore, but a new job is basically just like school. I LOVED the
    pita pizza idea! GENIUS! And where did you get your salad bowl tupperware?
    It is super cute and really convenient with the dressing slot in the lid!

  20. Karrington Hendrick says:

    Where did you get your Tupperware bowls!! There amazing!

  21. gisel munoz says:

    plez more food videos! ;]

  22. Sulekha Vargas says:

    Can you do vready to go egetarian meals plz? thank you

  23. Chinmayi Potluri says:

    can you plz make more

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