Healthy Food Song for Children – Healthy Food Will Make You Smile – Debbie Doo

Healthy Food Song for Children - Healthy Food Will Make You Smile - Debbie Doo

Watch as Debbie Doo performs easy to follow actions with cute animated characters to the Healthy Food Song. The junk foods are a bit shady but the health foods are happy, reinforcing the message…
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25 Responses

  1. Debbie Doo Kids TV says:

    Hope you enjoy it! 

  2. JIO DIL SE says:

    awesome video for kids 

  3. Ruth Barron says:


  4. Vaqif Semenderov says:

    This video is important for kids.Nice video.

  5. zainab fatima says:

    my family’s all children watch it

  6. Elena Algiyan says:
  7. Maryam Patel says:

    +Debbie Doo Kids TV this is really really good

  8. abdul youtube says:

    Bounce patrol and debbie doo are my boggest Biggest BIGGEST FAN IN THE
    WORLD even debbie doo check out the commment i have done on bounce partrol
    and it was i had a triplat birthday party and they was 4 they sang 34
    debbie doo songs 56 bounse partol complamations so i hope that will make
    you happy 😀

  9. Fatima Abubakar says:

    Thank u so much .for the lovely song Tomorrow in school we r going to do

  10. Abby Joe says:

    do you have the karaoke version???

  11. Grace 428 says:

    What a great and important song Debbie Doo! We really are your biggest
    fans. We all love you. 

  12. andry singh says:
  13. Brain Candy TV says:

    Great song, Debbie! Love the animation in this one too and it’s a great
    message for kids in this day and age of over-processed junk-food culture.
    I’m glad my mom impressed on me at a young age the importance of a
    well-balanced meal while most of my friends ate greasy french fries and pop
    for lunch every day. :)

  14. PhxRam says:

    I just want to let you know how much my 20 mo. old daughter loves your
    videos. Thank you for all you do Debbie

  15. Christian Morrison says:

    My kids love your new video. I like the way you include fast foods with the
    message that they are fine but only once in a while… Well done Debbie

  16. Vaqif Semenderov says:


  17. stefano pacitti says:

    Guarda questo video su YouTube:

  18. JingalooMusic says:

    Another great video Debbie Doo! Important message too! Grapes are our
    favourite! :)

  19. HEALTH CHANNEL says:
  20. Brenda Proctor says:

    My daughter’s will love this. Can’t wait to show them today. 🙂 We love
    your videos

  21. Leaner By Lifting says:

    Hi, I’m currently doing a health promotion campaign and want to use your
    video to help engage childern as I think its fabulous. Is there anyway you
    would consider letting me use it as long as it is appropriately referenced?
    Would you be able to send it to me?

  22. Eileen Redmon says:

    Hi there Debbie, have you ever though of doing sign language to go with
    your songs, since you’re singing your songs with “action” anyway? I could
    not find any songs for children who were deaf, like the ones you sing to
    hearing children.
    Something to think about.
    Thank you!

  23. Наталья Кислушко says:
  24. Hussain Osama says:

    its soo good for kids to let them eat vegetables and fruits and other
    healthy foods instead of chips chocollates and other junk food

  25. Katie Cutie Kids TV says:

    Healthy food and your video makes me smile indeed :)

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