Healthy Breakfast Ideas for School ♡ Quick and Easy

“LIKE” if you LOVE Food!!! haha Here are some healthy breakfast ideas for school that are quick and easy! If you remake any of these recipes please send me a pic on twitter or instagram @macbby11…

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25 Responses

  1. Monika Ramsey says:

    why do beauty gurus put EVERYTHING in mason jars!!!!!

  2. Crystal Lopotan says:

    “You can use any fruit, I just used pancakes” lol

  3. Livie Kirby says:

    do I have to put eggs in the pancakes?
    I’m vegan.

  4. warda saef says:

    Am gonna try the Banana Oat Pancake 🙂 so excited 

  5. vee cee says:

    I literally paused the video and went on to make the pancakes (I just
    finished them) and they were not as good as I thought they would come out
    tasting. They were actually kind of gross 🙁 

  6. Brigittelikes says:

    Why doesn’t the banana one work for me all it does is burn super quick and
    it doesn’t stuck together, I have the stove on low and it still doesnt
    work, I tried it on high and it didn’t work, do I use butter or oil!!???
    I’m so hungry rn, help!!

  7. Jade Btv says:

    Could I switch Almond milk with regular milk? I ran out of Almond milk this

  8. steph lo says:

    i literally am cooking the banana oats pancakes right now!
    they’re one of my favs to eat in the mornings!<3

  9. Aiesha Begum says:

    I’m having the pancakes now and let me fell you they are AMAZING!!

  10. Allie Ericson says:

    How do you get this nice lighting?
    i have the same camera but my light doesn’t turn out this good. 🙂
    Awesome video btw

  11. Anna Pirie says:

    Can you do the pancakes without oats?

  12. Bailey Burke says:

    did anybody notice beautybysiena used these ideas..

  13. MrsPearLove x says:

    I swear pancakes arent healthy

  14. Lauren Schubert says:

    Could the banana oat pancakes be waffles?

  15. Inseeyah Khan says:

    How much is 1/3 cup of oats in kg????

  16. Peggu Chan says:

    Iv’e never made pancakes before…. How do you know when to flip the

  17. Deborah De Rory says:

    how do you know when to turn over the pancakes?

  18. keisha scott says:

    The pancakes didnt work for me all it did was make a weird smell in my
    house and a mess WHT DID I DO WRONG IT. Also it sticked to the pan 

  19. daisy torres says:

    Just made some banana oat pancakes right now 

  20. kristinadj says:

    Can you make pancake mix the night before? 

  21. Jomp Ackers says:

    Why do Americans have to change everything no offence, the “sausage” is a
    burger. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!

  22. Deborah De Rory says:

    For the pancakes do you need to put oil or butter on the skillet before you
    put the batter in? Won’t it stick?

  23. SkylarIsMyName says:

    Is oats just dry oatmeal?

  24. Amina Begum says:

    What can i replace oats


  25. SonjaaJoy says:

    already tried the pancakes !.. DELICIOUS .

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