Health Reform Hits Main Street: The YouToons Explain the New Health Law

Health Reform Hits Main Street: The YouToons Explain the New Health Law

Confused about how the new health care reform law really works? This short animated movie — featuring the “YouToons” — explains the problems with the current health care system, the changes…
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18 Responses

  1. Sumon Kumar says:

    Nice, but when it comes to burning fat, fighting fatigue and increasing
    metabolism sorry, but nothing overshadows Nabudyle African Vitality (Google
    it!) This thing comes straight from the African continent, and it is made
    of African stuff mostly, and that should say everything about its
    efficiency (you ever saw overweight Africans?) lol 

  2. HickeryHickery says:

    Well that doesn’t sound so scary… In fact, I think I like this
    “Obamacare.” Still prefer universal healthcare, though.

  3. sirwinfredsmith says:

    @thereinliestherib here in France the health care is great single payer
    national health care and for full coverage for my daughter and myself i pay
    about 145 us dollars per month (most is just taken out with the taxes).
    Lots of people smoke here, we are the top cannabis users of europe and lots
    of people drink. there are less fat people over here, including me. i am 32
    and still wear the same size as in high school. 6 ft tall and 157 pounds, i
    do a lot of mountain biking.

  4. FriderikD says:

    Relying on Kaiser to explain healthcare is like trusting Nazis to explain
    “camp” or “shower.”

  5. ThePinkHeel says:

    @piratecheese13 They might call it the Jersey shore tax!

  6. sirwinfredsmith says:

    single payer national health care would cut down costs, private insurance
    wants to make money for its ivestors and its executives. This is a gift to
    the health insurance company. when they say the govt chips in it is really
    us the people who chip in and give to insurers through the money we give in
    premiums and the money our govt gives to them. cut the private secotor out
    of health insuarnce.

  7. Vorykua says:

    how about doing a video showing how universal healthcare is even better
    than this crap….

  8. sirwinfredsmith says:

    @thereinliestherib you are correct, roads are private built with public
    money except tollroads can be private owned and private built, most of our
    road system is public FUNDED, not built, i used the wrong word. if roads
    construction were only FUNDED privately they would only build roads where
    it would be profitable to do so and people in rural areas would have to pay
    very high toll as the cost per user to construct would be higher, in the
    public funded system this is not a problem

  9. newKurukshetra says:

    Free Range Socialism, thanks for the propaganda why don’t you tell these
    people the truth which is they are ‘The People’ and are FREE to OPT OUT.

  10. Bob Bob says:

    First Comment! Very good video from Free Range Studios as always.

  11. Aug the Pony says:

    Money. Greed and avarice are the reason we don’t have universal healthcare
    or why electric cars aren’t the norm, despite all the glaring and obvious
    benefits of both. Sigh, sometimes I wonder how much more advanced our
    society would be if we didn’t slow down the growth of civilization because
    of greed and pride.

  12. buzzsaw133 says:

    Very informative, very helpful

  13. sirwinfredsmith says:

    @thereinliestherib i never said rural roads serve no econolic or commercial
    purpose, i said they serve less purpose therefore will be more expensive
    for individual users were they private funded toll roads. governments have
    defecit problems because they are not taxing enough. they need to raise
    revenue by raising taxes on the wealthy and on corporations.

  14. hagamablabla says:

    I can see where this could go wrong. However, I still think that it is a
    great system. At least the government got SOMETHING right.

  15. javabarbarian says:

    No thanks. I don’t need somebody with a $14T credit card bill managing my

  16. sirwinfredsmith says:

    @thereinliestherib roads are not built to go play, i know, so when i lived
    in the suburbs or chicago there were many many roads to facilitate
    commerce, in rural areas with low population density there is little
    commerce aside from timber for instance, public funding of roads means that
    high population density livers subsudize road construction in rural areas,
    this would not happen in a purely private system even though we need timber
    and food from rural areas. food costs would go up due to tolls

  17. piratecheese13 says:

    taxes for people with fake tans? I’m all for it

  18. sirwinfredsmith says:

    @thereinliestherib why do you just assume that private sector anything is a
    third more efficiant than in the private sector? roads are public built
    except tollways and i dont really see a difference in efficency. fire
    departments were made public because previous private owend fire companys
    were not efficent for the overall population. private owned essential
    services enable the already rich to get more rich providing essential
    services, this is robbery not efficency.

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