Health Insurance Quotes – Colorado, California

Choosing the right health insurance plan can be confusing at best. What do detectable, co-insurance, co-pay really mean. With hundreds of options available which health plan is right for me?…

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25 Responses

  1. My Exclusive Quotes says:

    Choosing health insurance plans can be difficult. Let us make that choice

  2. Jack Corn says:

    Ron, nice video… I need to talk to you about recent renewal, thanks.

  3. Dave B says:

    Good video Ron. That’s pretty much how the process worked with you.

  4. 1000CMCA says:

    Good website & video promo

  5. Mike Owens says:

    Great video Ron; you get right to the point!

  6. ParasolLeads says:

    Very nice Ron!!

  7. MTharp1956 says:

    Great video, simple and understandable….

  8. Marti Willett says:

    Great video! Very Creative and Informative!

  9. Linda from Orlando, Fl says:

    I enjoyed your video. I do have another question about health insurance. I
    will call you. Thanks. Good video.

  10. Kevin Franklin says:

    Very creative and to the point video. *thumbs up

  11. Clelland Green says:

    Looks good Ron!

  12. Jolene Hough-Garlie says:

    At first, I thought it was going to be one of those videos of draw and
    erase, which everyone seems to be doing and almost turned it off. Thank you
    for keeping it short and to the point!

  13. Norzarr62 says:

    Great Video – Found it very informative, short and to the point.

  14. Linda Beaver says:

    Great video. I have 2 friends who need to talk to you about health
    insurance after retirement. Should I forward this to them or should they
    contact you directly.

  15. Carlos Bastardo says:

    Ronnie, I love this video! I have been wanting to get one done just like
    it… I would like the details on who did it for you and of course pricing
    in private if you don’t mind. 574 936-4152 thanks! Carlos GoHealth

  16. EAMays5013 says:

    Great Job Ron

  17. roxys78 says:

    Hi sorry I no longer live in the States so this does not apply to me.

  18. Rocco Solorzano says:

    Looks Good Ron, Keep up the good work !!

  19. Edward Keebler says:

    Brief and to the point. Great job!

  20. John Petrowski says:

    Great video!

  21. Karin Perez says:

    Very informative!

  22. Rosemarie D'Amiani says:

    Clear, concise health insurance options made easy. Tanks Ron!

  23. Bob Nonnemaker says:

    I like it Ron. Well done! I am doing a similar video for my Pension
    business. It should be done this week and I’ll probably be doing just what
    you did here. Let’s try to reconnect some time to see if we can help each
    other out with referrals.

  24. Sally Jensen says:

    Ron Barr is a great health insurance agent!! You will get the best service
    and he will personally help you through all phases of completing all forms.
    I fully recommend his services and company for your needs!!

  25. Shawn Grant says:

    Solid video ron. Thumbs up.

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